‘Name That Tune’ Fans Mock Randy Jackson’s Weight Loss

Randy Jackson / YouTube

Name That Tune is back for its latest season and fans are worried about Randy Jackson’s health. With his drastic weight loss, some fans even went as far as to say he looks like a “plastic puppet.”

Here is what fans are saying about Randy Jackson’s weight loss and why they have nothing to worry about.

Name That Tune fans worried about Randy Jackson

Name That Tune is back on TV and the band leader since the show’s reboot is Randy Jackson. While he has been about the same weight since the show started, new fans seem to notice each season Randy’s drastic weight loss. Just like every time Jackson has appeared on Name That Tune or American Idol over the past few years, fans seem to think he is dangerously ill.

Randy Jackson / YouTube

This season, fans are even getting a little harsh and insulting in their comments on the legendary reality TV star.

One fan posted on Twitter that Randy Jackson looks “like claymation” now. Another commented that Jackson looks like “an animatronic Randy Jackson.” Another tried to be polite, but still gave a backhanded compliment, writing, “I really wanted to tweet “I miss fat Randy” but that is very rude.”

It got worse. One fan wrote, “Is Randy Jackson actually dead and they’re doing some AI mess? Or is he nighttime reality television’s Lee Corso? Yikes is all I’m saying.” Finally, one said that Randy looked like a “real-life ventriloquist dummy.”

The problem is that, while people are making fun of what Randy Jackson looks like right now, he likely doesn’t care. That is because this was s a self-voluntary weight loss and Jackson did it to make his life better in the end.

Why Randy Jackson lost so much weight

The good news is that Randy Jackson’s weight loss was never about a dangerous health problem. Jackson was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and he decided that it was time to make a life change. All the way back in 2021, fans freaked out when Randy shared a photo with him and Anthony Hopkins and fans felt he looked emaciated.

Randy Jackson Instagram

Jackson even posted a video that year on his Instagram account that showed his weight loss journey, which he was very proud of. He even started his own holiday known as #GoWithYourGut Day on Sept. 23 every year. “Did you know your gut health extends to your brain and emotional wellbeing as well?” he wrote at the time. More so, he was very proud of the work he did at transforming his body and getting healthier.

Randy Jackson IG Video

Fans seem to believe Randy Jackson’s weight loss means health problems. However, that is the opposite of the truth, as Jackson lost weight to improve his health and he isn’t suffering. He is doing better than ever.

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