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Is Amy Halterman A Hypocrite For Judging Sister Tammy?

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Is Amy Halterman a hypocrite for judging her sister, Tammy Slaton? This seems to be the general consensus after the second episode of Season 4 of 1000-Lb. Sisters aired Tuesday night. So, what happened to make Amy seem hypocritical? Read on for more details.

Is Amy Halterman A Hypocrite For Judging Sister Tammy?

In the latest episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Amy Halterman went to the obstetrician to get a check-up on her second baby. The doctor had a lot of concerns for Amy. She believed that Amy got her weight loss surgery so that she could get pregnant, which she did. However, the biggest concern is that she got pregnant way too soon after having her son, Gage. Amy’s body did not have a chance to rebound. Furthermore, she was eating snacks with Gage while in the exam room. When the doctor asked what she had been eating during her pregnancy, she copped to snacking on cheese sticks.

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It was time for her to make better choices or she may not be alive for her family. As for Tammy, she was in rehab but she was so miserable being away from her family. Additionally, she wanted to put in half of the work it was going to take her to get to the bariatric surgery. This included eating salads more frequently and proper therapy. Back at home, however, Amy Halterman was seen criticizing her sister when she was making poor choices about her weight and health. According to Meaww, fans were frustrated with the hypocrisy Amy exuded.

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One fan noted: “Amy need not talk about the way Tammy eat right now. Because she’s soon going to be like her soon.” Another added: “Amy keep clocking Tammy’s food intake and we be been watching her eat about 20 combinations of food at one time idk why she’s pissing me off this week I love me some Amy normally.” Someone else chimed in with: “Amy has anger issues against Tammy’s situation but she was her enabler getting the food.”

Can Tammy Make It?

It was really hard for Tammy to miss out on momentous moments back home. Mainly, she missed seeing Amy Halterman’s son, Gage taking his first steps and growing up. She feels lonely in rehab despite making friends. However, Tammy needs to get down to 550 pounds in order to get the surgery she needs and she is thisclose to it happening. Sadly, she won’t open up to her therapist about the traumas of her past and found out she had gained weight at the end of the last episode. This setback will likely cause Amy to continue to speak poorly about her sister. Yet, until she takes her doctor’s advice more seriously, Amy has no room to talk.

Do you think Amy Halterman was being a hypocrite toward Tammy when she is not perfect herself? Should she be focusing on the health of this pregnancy rather than Tammy? Let us know in the comments and watch 1000-Lb. Sisters Tuesdays on TLC.

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