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Ex-Cast Member Angry TLC Props Tammy Slaton’s Failure

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An ex-cast member of TLC is angry at the network for giving props to Tammy Slaton’s failure.

1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4 premiered on January 17, 2023. Fans were reminded that at 717 lbs, Tammy weighed the most she’s ever weighed before. During the season premiere, the 36-year-old reflected on her struggles to lose weight. However, one ex-TLC cast member isn’t happy with how TLC promotes failure and doesn’t appreciate the ones that have actually been successful in losing weight. So, who is this ex-TLC star and what does he have to say? Keep reading to find out the details!

Casey King Lost 579 Pounds After His Weight Loss Surgery

On Instagram, TLC’s Family By The Ton alum, Casey King, bashed the network for promoting failure rather than showcasing success stories. From a 700-pound 34-year-old Georgia resident to a healthy and fit young man, Casey has come a long way. He lost a whopping 579 pounds, especially after his weight loss surgery where doctors removed a part of his stomach to reduce the amount he eats.

Casey King TLC Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

After the surgery, Casey started focusing on intense dieting and exercising to attain his weight goals. The reality alum also opts for light cardio like brisk walking or hiking to maintain his weight loss. However, TLC has never approached him nor has showcased his dramatic change on their show. This has been the case with most TLC weight-related shows. Once the stars start losing weight, they are no longer profitable assets for the channel and are eventually canceled or replaced by another show.

Casey King Claims TLC Never Contacted Him

Although TLC has been focusing on Tammy’s weight loss journey, Casey feels the channel has been unjust to him. Sharing a screenshot of People’s latest article about the 1000-Lb. Sisters‘ premiere episode, he called out TLC for this biased behavior.

Casey King TLC Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

He wrote, “This isn’t a #shame #post or is it a post of me being #jealous. I make this post because @tlc while changing my #life forever has never once contacted me for any type of #update but has continued to #promote the lives of people that choose not to accept the #help they so desperately need.”

The former TLC star also described how he lost more weight than anyone could even fathom gaining. He asserted how he has been the change he always wanted and steered his life into being the better person that he once was.

TLC Promotes Tammy Slaton’s Failures

Casey King further bashed TLC stating, “#tlc is a #network that makes its #bag on clicks and #views. I just have always questioned why none of us ever had a chance to update the world on our success but they’ve continued to #promote and push failures.”

Tammy Slaton 1000-Lb. Sisters YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

However, later he edited his post after getting to know that Tammy Slaton has received help in losing weight and was in rehab recovering. He clarified that the post isn’t to shame Tammy but to note an issue he personally has with TLC.

Do you think TLC really sidelines the success stories and keeps promoting failures? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with TV Shows Ace for more on 1000-Lb. Sisters!

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