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‘The View’ Whoopi Won’t Stop Rant As Music Plays Over Her

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The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg flatly ignored the show’s producers and continued her rant. Even as the music played over her dialogue, she continued rambling on air trying to explain her point in the latest episode of the ABC talk show. So, why didn’t Whoopi Goldberg listen to her cue to stop by the show’s executives? Keep reading to find out the details!

Whoopi Goldberg Discusses President Biden’s Document Scandal

On Monday’s episode of The View, the Sisters Act star indulged in a heated discussion with her co-hosts. The panelists discussed President Joe Biden’s classified document scandal. Recently, the 80-year-old made headlines after several classified government documents were recovered from his private office and home. Talking about these scandalous documents, the show’s co-hosts quickly jumped in explaining their view on the matter.

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

[Source: YouTube]

As per The Sun, both Alyssa Farah Griffin and Ana Navarro expressed their fierce opinions about President Biden’s controversy. However, this was when Whoopi Goldberg chimed in with her opinion. She vocalized, “I’m going to say this again. I think that it really will depend on what’s in those boxes, because if in-fact Presidents have the ability to declassify things then you know…”

The comedian/actress continued, “…The problem for me is I want us to wait and get all the information and know what we’re talking about, you know.”

Whoopi Goldberg Ignores The Cue To Stop Talking

As she provided her perspective, her co-host Sunny Hostin interjected, which prompted the EGOT winner to clarify that the views she shared on the matter are just what she believed. She clarified, “This is what I think. This is just me saying, President Joe didn’t say it, Whoopi said it.”

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

[Source: YouTube]

As the TV personality continued explaining herself, the show turned to a commercial break. The entire time Whoopi spoke, the producers kept the music playing in the background prompting the moderator to stop talking. However, she blatantly ignored the showrunners and kept going.

Whoopi Goldberg Was Suspended From The View

The View execs have lately trimmed down Whoopi Goldberg’s on-screen talk time due to the inflammatory remarks made by her in the past. Back in 2022, she was suspended from the show for two weeks due to her wrong and hurtful comments regarding the Jewish people and the Holocaust. In a discussion about the anti-Nazi graphic novel Maus, the comedian claimed that the Holocaust wasn’t about race but white-on-white violence and “man’s inhumanity to man.”

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

[Source: YouTube]

However, this didn’t stop Whoopi Goldberg from commenting on the matter once again. Whoopi maintained that the Jewish people themselves are divided about whether they are a religion or a race. This riled up The View fans that rallied on social media for Whoopi Goldberg’s firing. However, later on, the actress issued an apology for her statement claiming that she never meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

What do you think of Whoopi Goldberg ignoring the show producers? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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