Meri Brown’s Retreat: More Expensive Than 10 Day Hawaii Trip

Meri Brown and friend from Instagram

Sister Wives star Meri Brown loves running her bed and breakfast in Utah. Lately, she’s been hosting some retreats for interested fans. However, there is a catch. Fans couldn’t help but notice the price she charges is sky-high. And on top of that, there are quite a few unknowns about the retreat too.

YouTuber Katie Joy recently pointed out that people could enjoy a tropical getaway in Hawaii for less than the price that Meri Brown charges for one of her retreats. Keep reading to see more.

Katie Joy points out that Meri Brown’s rates are pricier than a long trip to Hawaii

Meri Brown isn’t wildly popular with Sister Wives fans, so she is having trouble securing reservations at her retreat as it is. But fans are primarily annoyed with how much the TLC star charges for a spot at her retreat. Katie Joy of the Without A Crystal Ball channel recently poked some fun at Meri and informed followers they’re better off booking a vacation in Hawaii.

Meri Brown and friends at her B&B, Instagram
Meri Brown/Instagram

“For $3184 you can travel to Waikiki, Hawaii in February for a 10 day trip which includes a stay at Westin Resort & Spa, Airfare, and car rental. Also the hotel deposit and property is fully refundable if you need to cancel,” Katie Joy captioned her Instagram post. “You can add food and beverage daily credits for $110 too. Hawaii for 10 days or 3 days in Utah at a Polygamist Inn with Meri Brown? You decide.”

“I live on Oahu and let me tell you, the Moana Surfrider is a top notch hotel in the heart of Waikiki and right on the beach. Plus airfare and car? Meri’s retreat better be a gold plated extravaganza if she wants to compete with this for a higher price point,” one follower wrote.

“Our honeymoon a few months ago was 9 days at a beautiful private villa in St. Lucia with a cook, driver, personal concierge who booked all of our activities, housekeeper who did our laundry etc,” another added. “About $6k for everything (airfare, food, personal driver, accommodations etc) except activities. And didn’t even have to find our way to the villa from the airport. Meri’s is clearly just a money grab.”

Meri Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

What do you think about the situation? Is Meri Brown earnestly trying to throw a great retreat or is she just after the money? Don’t forget to share your own thoughts and ideas.

The retreat looks like it might be a total flop

Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t seem like Meri Brown is having many takers for her retreat. Other followers have noticed that she continues to take away extra features from her retreat packages. At this point, many fans believe that Meri is charging way too much for not nearly enough benefits.

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