Meri Brown Retreat Details Withheld Till After Paying $4K-$6K

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been under fire recently for the price of her retreat. More than that, it has been revealed that retreat-goers don’t actually know what they’re signing up for until they’ve forked over thousands of dollars. Even Meri can’t tell them what’s happening until she has their check in her hands. It has many people questioning if it’s even worth it.

Lizzie’s Heritage Inn Retreat Information

According to the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn website, the upcoming retreat is set for February 16 through February 19. Beyond that, there isn’t much information about what the retreat entails.

You will get to come to Southern Utah. Outside of that, the language around what is included is quite vague. People who attend are promised relaxation, rejuvenation, meals during the stay, photos, a goody bag, and a handful of daily activities. Price points are between $4,000 and $6,000, depending on what kind of package you’d like.

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Keep in mind, the $4,000 package does not even include a stay at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. The lowest price point will get you lodging near the inn. Paying $5,000 will get you a room at the inn and $6K will allow you to bring a friend along. Beyond that, there are no other details provided.

Meri Brown Exposed For Her Bad Business Practices

Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball took to Instagram to call Meri Brown out for this and posed some interesting questions. She shared a screenshot of a reply made by Meri herself.

In the comment, Meri said that the details for the retreat are on her website and that she isn’t revealing specifics. Instead, once someone signs up, she intends to send them a list of things to pack to ensure they have the right clothes for activities.


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Without a Crystal Ball asked if asking for prepayment for something like this with no details is even legal. Possibly more importantly, what if someone wanting to buy a spot on the retreat has food allergies or special needs where they may not be able to perform all the included activities?

Fans Blast Meri For Withholding Information

Fans were quick to weigh in on the matter. One person commented, “You have to have more money than sense to even consider this.” Another agreed and said, “If I had that kind of money you’ll find me in the Maldives for a week! I don’t get it, at all, why someone would pay that kind of money for a 2 night ‘retreat.'”

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Several other people agreed that they could have lavish vacations for the money Meri is asking for. At the very least, many people agreed that she should detail the food list and what activities they would be doing during the retreat.

However, a few people speculated that this could be because Meri Brown has not booked any vendors or events for the retreat yet. She may be worried that not enough people will come or, worse, no one will sign up. For many of those services, you have to prepay and she likely doesn’t have the money yet.

What do you think about Meri Brown’s vague details surrounding her retreat? Let us know in the comments!

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