Meri Brown Blasted For Overcharging To Stay At Dirty B&B

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Meri Brown is, once again, in hot water for her high B&B prices. This comes after dirty photos of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn surfaced. This is all thanks to Without A Crystal Ball’s Katie Joy. It looks extremely unappealing and it makes fans wonder why Meri thinks she can charge exorbitant prices for her retreats. Read on for more details and to see what people had to say.

Meri Brown Blasted For Overcharging To Stay At Dirty B&B

Lizzie’s Heritage Inn is Meri Brown’s pride and joy. She has spent so much time there, even employing her best friend, Jenn to be the manager after her mom, Bonnie passed. Furthermore, she has started offering retreats at the B&B to help fans find inner peace and connect with new friends. However, it has caught major heat for the prices she charges with fans feeling that it is not worthy of the 4 to 6K price tag.

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Now, Katie Joy of @withoutacrystalball has released photos from the B&B and they are not pretty. There are a few photos of the bathrooms and they are less than stellar. It actually looks quite dated which is fine considering that Meri Brown is trying to keep the charm her family originally brought to it. However, it looks like it could use some mild updates and a good scrubbing. “Meri’s photos on her website for the inn don’t make me have the feels to drop any cash. The house is not well decorated and the bathrooms look dirty if you look at the floor boards and behind the toilet,” Katie Joy wrote.

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Fans soon saw these photos and chimed in. “It’s the carpet for me. I’m definitely not taking off my shoes even in the bedroom,” one noted. Another added: “This place needs a major renovation. Those bathrooms remind me of grandma!” Finally, someone said: “It just looks like a dingy old house to me….and I agree it doesn’t look clean enough…how often are the mattresses changed out?” Keep in mind, the main four rooms at the B&B go for $250 to 300 per night.

It Gets More Expensive

Fans were quick to point out that these are the same rooms that Meri Brown is using for her pricey retreats. The February one is going for 4K to 6K and she is struggling to get people to sign up. “I REALLY want to root for Meri, but the audacity with these prices is pretty mind-blowing,” one person chimed in. Others pointed out the things that they could do with the retreat money plus what they would want from the event. This included spa treatments and such.

Are you surprised at how messy and outdated Meri Brown’s B&B is? Plus, would you stay there? Let us know in the comments below.



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  1. The pricing is ridiculous. 4k doesn’t even include staying at the B&B. Those folks are responsible for paying to stay elsewhere and transportation costs. There’s no itinerary so nobody knows what they’re paying 4-6k for exactly. Very sketch.

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