Roloff Farms: Is Pumpkin Season 2023 Happening?

Roloff Farms- TLC

Now that the season has ended for Little People, Big World, there are a lot of questions about the future of Roloff Farms. When the season ended, we got a chance to see the family feud still going on. There were many changes in the lives of the Roloffs as well. Zach and Tori Roloff ended up moving to Washington after Matt Roloff denied their offer on the farm. As much as they wanted to keep it in the family, fans noticed that Matt doesn’t want it to stay in the family. Not only that, but it looks as if Matt could have exiled himself completely from everyone else. What does this mean for Roloff Farms moving forward?

What Happens Next At Roloff Farms?

Ever since Matt put the farm on the market, his plans have gone back and forth as to the future of Roloff Farms. When he listed the property, he wanted to sell it for $4 million. He told his family via email about selling it and this is one of many reasons for the family feud. However, Matt got very little interest when it came to purchasing the property. Once he saw that there weren’t many people interested, he decided to turn it into a vacation rental. This has made a lot of fans worried about the future of the farm and if there will be a pumpkin season this year.

Matt Roloff- Instagram
Matt Roloff- Instagram

Pumpkin season is a big deal at Roloff Farms and fans from all over the world travel to see the Roloffs and the farm. Little People, Big World also shares moments from the farm and fans love to keep up with it. With everything happening in their family right now, does that mean there won’t be a pumpkin season this year? Fans really began to ask questions recently when Matt shared a “Plan B” for the farm on Instagram. However, Matt did comment that there would be a pumpkin season for Roloff Farms in 2023!

The Airbnb Feedback

When Matt shared his latest post on social media, he mentioned that the Airbnb was going very well. However, there were a lot of negative comments about it. In fact, fans of the show have never felt as if Roloff Farms should be an Airbnb and believe it should have gone to his children. Fans have a lot of concerns about the property as a vacation rental. One fan mentioned that they wouldn’t feel comfortable being there since Matt has put so many rules into place. Another added that there is nothing to do there because of all of the limitations Matt has put on the farm.

Matt Roloff- Instgaram
Matt Roloff- Instgaram

No matter what, these fans are happy to hear that Roloff Farms will still have a pumpkin season this year. Only time will tell what happens to the property, but Matt is clearly moving forward to draw more tourists in this year.

What do you think will happen to Roloff Farms? Will it ever sell? Will Matt have a change of heart and sell to one of his kids? Tell us below in the comments and stay at Tv Shows Ace for more on the Roloffs.


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