Matt Roloff Switches Up Plans For Farm & All His Kids

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff might be trying to make nice with his family and has switched up plans for their family farm. However, with all the changes going on in this family, there is no telling whether it helps or not.

Here is what Matt Roloff has decided to do with the family farm.

Matt Roloff planning to rent out the family farm as an Airbnb

Matt Roloff renting out family farm / IG

Matt Roloff remains estranged from some of his kids, and the problems all started with the plans for the family farm. He had a falling out with his son Zach when he chose not to sell him the north side of the family farm. However, now Matt has an idea that might bring his family back together.

Matt has decided to take the family farm off the market and instead will rent it out as an Airbnb. It might also be true that it wasn’t completely his choice in the matter. Matt said that the families that looked at the farm “couldn’t get their heads around” the ideas of the commitment it would take to care for the farm.

“Plan B is actually taking place right now,” Matt told ET Online in an interview. He revealed the families that wanted to buy it can now stay there on a short-term rental. “I think Airbnb. We’re gonna set the farm up for more people to share it, for a week or less than a week. So we’re very excited about that.”

Matt said that this will allow the people who rent it to help out on the farm and get the “full experience” of caring for the farm. It almost sounds like he is having people pay him to care for his farm. “More people could actually enjoy the farm and get a taste of it,” he said. “We might even let them use the mowers so they can get a real feel of what it’s like to do the work.”

Matt Roloff on family farm | IG

Will Matt Roloff patch things up with his kids?

The question now is whether this will help Matt Roloff patch things up with his kids. “Amy actually thought of [renting the farm] years ago and bugged me about it,” Matt said. “She likes to give me a really hard time about it.”

This will also give Matt’s sons a chance to get involved. Matt said he hopes renting out the family farm as an Airbnb will convince his kids to come back and help out more. “The one thing I always wanted was for the kids to figure out a way to share the farm, all four kids,” Matt said. “And now with this new arrangement, it is shared because these kids can block out time. Family members can block out weeks or days.”

Do you think making the Little People, Big World family farm into an Airbnb will help Matt Roloff patch things up with his kids? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I think it is terrible the way Zack treated his Dad! He and Tori put a bad taste in everyone and Any who is the divorced woman and has never had a good word to say about him. Once disrespect is planted in family, it just grows. Why doesn’t anyone think of Matt’s pain! He went through a divorce also, he had the woman, the Mother of his children, leave him and tell him he was worthless. Matt had worked hard to give them the farm growing up. Now he is worthless because he needs some money and people to help care for it, still he is worthless. Matt has a big heart, but everyone only wants to beat him up, especially Amy! A divorced woman should never belittle the children’s Dad to them! He loves those kids and has done so much to give them an awesome life! Knock it off kids and help, love and respect your Father! Grow up, you will be his age someday! There are two sides and a middle, too every story! LOVE, it is called LOVE

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