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‘ABP’ Fans Urge Rain Brown To Stop Spoiling Her Body

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Rain Brown, from Alaskan Bush People, has shown her fans that she is no stranger to stepping outside the box. When it comes to her personality and her looks, she has grown quite a following. In fact, she has started to cash in on her following. She recently started a Cameo account, where she has been selling messages to her diehard fans. These fans enjoy receiving messages from her. Some of them have noticed that she has started to change up her body. However, they are asking her to stop spoiling it. Why? Details here.

Fans Slam Rain Brown For Spoiling Her Body

In a recent post on her Instagram account, Rain shared a new picture of herself that she thought would get more positive feedback. In the picture, she is looking up and contemplating. She captioned it, “I know there’s something I’m frog-getting.” Most of the replies in the comments section were pretty positive and shared a lot of love for Rain Brown. There were some, however, that were all about her tattoos and how they felt she was spoiling her body.

Rain Brown- Instagram
Rain Brown- Instagram

One of her followers wrote, “Do I eat another cow or get an additional crappy tattoo? I know, I’ll do both!” Another added, “You’re such a beautiful woman. I hate to see you spoil your beauty with tattoos.” This comment began a long discussion. A fan of her’s added, “Tattoos are nothing more than an art form we carry around on our bodies. A form of self-expression. They DO NOT dictate one’s beauty. She’s beautiful in spite of, and because of, her tattoos because they’re part of her. That’s like telling a plus-size woman “No your not, you’re beautiful” when she says she’s fat. As if the 2 have anything to do with one another.”

Mental Health & Rain

Rain hasn’t always had it easy when it comes to her mental health. In fact, she had a mental breakdown when she took a trip back to Alaska to see her family. She has been trying to focus more on her mental health these days, but it has been tough. When her father, Billy Brown passed away, the family took a major hit. Rain Brown knew that she had to get help in order to process his death and what was next for her and her family. After checking herself into a mental health facility, it seems as if she has started to feel much better.

Rain Brown- Instagram

Not only did Rain have some mental health complications to work through, but she is also trying to help her family through a tough time too. Her fans have shown concern for her, but from this latest post, it seems as if she is doing much better.

What do you think of Rain’s tattoos? Do you think she is spoiling her body with them? We would love to hear your thoughts down below in the comments. Stay here at TV Shows Ace for more Alaskan Bush People.

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  1. There is nothing a tattoo does that contributes or enhances the beauty of a woman and uglier with age.
    I’ve been a fan of your family from the very beginning

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