‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rain Brown On Why She Joined Cameo

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Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown has revealed why she chose to join Cameo. Since all the Brown siblings currently on the show, outside of Gabe Brown, joined, the speculation has been running rampant. However, with what Rain says, some of the rumors are incorrect.

Here is what Rain said about joining Cameo and why she made the jump.

Why did Rain Brown join Cameo?

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Cameo is a way for fans of celebrities to get their own personalized videos from them. An even bigger treat is when someone buys a Cameo for a loved one as a gift from their favorite celebrity. On the site is everyone from major TV and movie actors like Malcolm Mcdowell and Wayne Knight to reality TV stars like those on Alaskan Bush People.

While some actors charge a large sum (Wayne Knight charges $330), the cast of Alaskan Bush People has kept their rates low. Bear said that he allowed the site to choose his rate per video ($35). Despite this, some fans who clearly have no idea what Cameo is have complained about this being a cash grab by the family. It even made some fans wonder if the family is having money problems.

However, Rain Brown posted a video on Instagram where she explained to fans that this isn’t a cash grab. She then went on to explain why she finally joined the Cameo site. “For me, Cameo is a platform for connection,” Rain said in the video. “Being able to connect with you in such a personal way means the world to me.” She seemed very excited about it and said that it was fun and she was enjoying it. “It means the world to me,” she said.

Despite that, based on the comments, she still faces an uphill battle from some fans who feel they are owed free services from the celebs they follow.

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Where can you find Alaskan Bush People on Cameo?

Of the six Alaskan Bush People siblings on the show, five of them have now joined Cameo. Here is where you can find each of them on the site and how much they charge for their personalized videos.

Bear Brown was the first to announce his arrival on Cameo (his Cameo link). He charges the lowest of his family at $35. He also said that he will consider some free ones in the future for some fans of the show.

Noah Brown signed up next (his Cameo link) He charges $40 for his Cameos and said that he was excited to create these personalized videos for his fans.

Bam Brown was up next for the site (his Cameo link), also checking in at $40. Shockingly, he has four times the amount of reviews than Noah in a shorter time and is one of the most popular of the Brown siblings on the site.

Rain Brown was the next to join Cameo (her Cameo link). Her account ended up delayed, and she has since let fans know she has some ground rules for what she will allow as requests on the site.

Finally, Bird Brown joined this week (her Cameo link). She is the only member of the family without a review or rating yet for the site. She also charges $40.

Are you wanting to get a Cameo from the Alaskan Bush People siblings for yourself or a gift for a loved one? Let us know who you would want a Cameo from in the comments below.

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