‘Today’ Savannah Guthrie Works Thighs In Short Blue Dress On Air

Savannah Guthrie [Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]

Savannah Guthrie worked out her thighs in a short blue dress on air. She wore the little number during a live broadcast. Savannah asked her Today co-hosts if she “looks sexy” when she does it. They assured her that she did even if she looked silly and was smiling throughout it. Keep on reading to learn more and see the shots for yourself.

Savannah Guthrie does a sexy dance on live television

The Today Show had a fitness segment on Wednesday’s live show. Some of them took part in one of the workouts featured on the show. Savannah Guthrie showed off her skills in a cobalt blue long-sleeve dress. She gave viewers a glimpse at her thighs as she worked them out hard on live TV.

Today Show Co-Hosts In Fitness Segment [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
Fitness expert Stephanie Mansour appeared on the morning show to teach them the physical benefits of the workout. She mentioned some of the hottest fitness gadgets and trends of 2023. Stephanie and Savannah demonstrated some of the products. They put on booties as they danced on mats from side to side.

Savannah Guthrie loves to dance, which is no secret. She took part in an aerobics show with her fellow co-host Sheinelle Jones just months ago. At the time, she wowed fans as she showed off her physique in Spandex. She looked forward to working out this time around.

Savannah Guthrie Asks Co-Hosts If She Looks Good [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
Al Roker, Carson Daly, Craig Melvin, and Hoda Kotb didn’t participate in the workout. They stood around and watched as Savannah Guthrie demonstrated the workout. She asked them if she “look as sexy” as she “thinks it does.” Craig responded: “Yes it does!”

She moved around back and forth in her blue dress. Savannah exposed her thighs as she danced around. Carson also assured her that she looked good while Hoda laughed. Savannah almost fell on the slippery mat as she failed to break a sweat.

Today Show co-host shows off her dance skills

This comes after Savannah Guthrie showed off her skills. In August, she took part in another live workout session. The television personality wore a skintight workout set. Savannah shared a carousel of photos on Instagram.

She enjoyed the live Jazzercise session, which included a group of backup dancers. However, some fans think Savannah was being too showy during the segment. They accused her of stealing attention away from Sheinelle, who was shoved to the back of the group.

Savannah Guthrie fondly remembers that day. In a previous show, she asked Sheinelle if she remembers doing that workout together. What are your thoughts on Savannah working out her thighs in a short blue dress? Did you check out the segment? Sound off below in the comment section.

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