‘Today’ Savannah Guthrie’s Blatant Dis On Co-Host Has Fans Livid

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Be it her on-screen feud with co-host Hoda Kotb or her latest display of toned body in tight clothes, Savannah Guthrie loves to be the center of attention. And, yet again, the Today host is on fans’ radar for blatantly sidelining her co-host during a live jazzercise segment. The 50-year-old was bashed by fans for always outing herself first when on camera.

Savannah Guthrie Takes The Center Stage Beside Instructor

During the segment, Savannah Guthrie took over the center spot, right beside the instructor, while her co-host Sheinelle Jones stood behind, away from the camera’s view. The jazzercise session happened during Thursday’s show, where co-hosts Sheinelle and Savannah participated. The session was led by instructor Shanna Missett Nelson who is the daughter of creator Judi Sheppard Missett.

Savannah Guthrie YouTube

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After the hosts introduced the instructor and the segment on camera, they started working on some jazzercise alongside other participants. Savannah asked Shanna, “Do you wanna teach us?” and set her paper down to take the spot right beside the instructor. However, her co-host struggled to find a suitable spot to exercise. Finally, she chose to stand right behind Shanna.

Co-Host Sheinelle Jones Fails To Get Any Screen Time

As Savannah continued to converse with the instructor, Sheinelle didn’t get any screen time. The camera focused completely on the 50-year-old & even zoomed in on her several times, focusing on her fit body. As per The Sun, the only time viewers could see Sheinelle was when the camera zoomed out to show a wide-angle view.

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Savannah continued to draw all the attention to her by calling on the instructor every time she messed up any move. On the other hand, Sheinelle simply made a subtle face when she fell behind on the routine.

Fans Slam Savannah Guthrie For Sidelining Co-Host

The mother of two also reposted the video on her Instagram story with a caption that read, “A real good time until my ankle buckled.”

However, her twisted ankle wasn’t a cause of concern for fans. Rather, they took to the comments to inquire  about the co-host’s poor treatment on camera.

One fan wrote, “Maybe Sheinelle should’ve taken the front instead?”

“Wondering why they stuck her in the back, but easy to figure out,” added another with an eye roll & shrugging emoji.

A third fan commented, “Sheinelle was better, definitely should’ve been in front!!”

Savannah Guthrie YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

A fourth fan agreed and wrote, “Agree! She rocked it. Savannah looked like a fish out of the water.”

“Always sticking Sheinelle in the background, she was on point,” chimed the fifth fan.

Some fans did show concern for Savannah’s ankle and wished her well.

One wrote, “Those tricky ankles—once they’re compromised. Ugh. Hope you’re back to full speed soon.”

This isn’t Savannah’s first episode of accidental injury. A couple of weeks ago, she told her followers that she hit her head when playing pickleball paddle. The injury happened when shooting for a segment with David Endres, a physical therapist.

Do you think Savannah really loves to be at the center stage? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Priyanka Chandrakar


  1. What is with Savannah. It appears she is going through something. She is equal opportunity with one and all on the show for rudeness. During the yoga exercises she appeared to be the only one who could not keep up with the others and I was embarrassed for her. The facial expressions when she messed up was sick.

  2. Savannah Guthrie!! Queen of ” look look I’m getting sued” again and her company paying ….among many….Nic Sandman….Savannah has to have that special camera glaring her face out bigger and bolder to the world!! She railroads anybody for special effects and lauds herself…..ugh …no thanks. She’s that way to everybody!!

    1. Somebody is usually the top person. Couldn’t Sheinelle have been on the opposite side of the instructor. She’s not the lead person so that’s how it is

  3. Savannah is spoiled! She is not head of the Today show. Back down Savannah! Reign it in! The other hosts are just as important as you think you are! IMHO

  4. Watched the Today show for years. Not any more. Don’t need the drama at 7:00 in the morning. Fine with everyone but Savanah. It’s not supposed to be the “Savannah” show.

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