Christine Brown Acknowledges Kody On How Mykelti Had Twins

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Christine Brown, from TLC’s Sister Wives, has been living her best life since she left Kody Brown. Her daughter, Mykelti gave birth to twin boys back in November. This has been the ultimate blessing for Christine. It seems that she has been helping the young couple care for the boys and loves being around them. This is the first set of twins in the Brown family, and of course, everyone is enjoying this beautiful blessing. But, fans can’t help but wonder how exactly Mykelti Padron had twins when Kody never had any.

Mykelti and Tony Share Adorable Family

Christine Brown loves being a grandmother. Her daughter, Mykelti Padron recently welcomed twins and this has made Christine so happy. In fact, Christine has been spending a lot of time with the boys, Ace and Archer. Mykelti and Tony also have her sister, Aspyn Brown nearby. Mykelti and her husband, Tony Padron are so proud of their boys too. The couple is often sharing adorable photos of their kids with their fans on Instagram. The couple is constantly telling their fans just how grateful they are for their cute family.

Tony and Myketli Padron- TLC
Tony and Myketli Padron- TLC

Christine loves that Tony and Mykelti share so much with their fans. The twins have been a lot to handle, but there has been a lot of help from their family. One of the main reasons that Christine loves being in Utah is because of how close she is to Mykelti and the twins. When it comes to having more children though, Mykelti has said to her fans that three is just enough.

Christine Brown Mentions Kody On Social Media

Recently, on Instagram, fans had a lot of questions about the twins. Christine acknowledged Kody’s family lineage was how Mykelti had twins. Christine hasn’t really mentioned Kody on Instagram, but she was quick to do it this past week. She shared a really sweet photo of herself with all of Mykelti’s kids. She captioned the photo, “I totally stole this photo from Mykelti, how could I not?” Of course, she had a lot of comments about the twins. One fan asked if they were the only twins in the Brown family. That is when she said, “Kody has twin nieces and I have twin grandparents.”

Christine Brown- Instagram
Christine Brown- Instagram

This was shocking for fans to see since Christine has barely said anything about Kody lately on social media. Some fans feel that the last time she even mentioned him was when they split up. This is why it was so shocking to see his name. Of course, Christine Brown got more positive comments about how adorable the kids are. One fan even told her, “You know grandmothers are allowed to steal them!”

What do you think about Christine’s comment about Kody? Are you happy that she gave us a little family history on where twins come from in their family? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Tv Shows Ace for more Browns!

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