‘Sister Wives’ Mykelti Padron Shares Twin Update

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Sister Wives star Mykelti Padron is giving an update on her twin boys. The mother of three gave birth to Ace and Archer on November 17th. Both her mother, Christine and her father’s fourth wife, Robyn were by her side as well as her husband, Tony. So, how are her little boys doing now, one month in? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Mykelti Padron Shares Twin Update

Mykelti welcomed her twin boys in the middle of November. Though she was not due until December, she knew that twins could come early. By the time she gave birth, she was measuring 54 weeks pregnant. Yes, she wanted to do everything on her own, but the boys were breached. Therefore, Mykelti had to undergo an emergency C-section. Fortunately, she and the babies were healthy and able to go home together.

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Now, she is sharing an update via her Instagram. According to Mykelti, Archer weighs 7.4 pounds while Ace is weighing in at 8 pounds. Fortunately, their big sister, Avalon adores them. As she had previously mentioned, it was not so easy at first. Luckily, she has taken to them and loves to kiss and cuddle her baby brothers. Of course, she wants to hold them so that is a situation Mykelti and Tony are trying to navigate.


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As for their sleeping habits, they are not quite sleeping through the night just yet. However, they do sleep around three to four hours at a time which is great for the parents. Mykelti shared that she is healing and feeling great and the same goes for Tony. Overall, it seems like this has been a pretty seamless transition for the new family of five.

Changes Ahead

This time around, Mykelti Padron is super lucky because her mother, Christine Brown is officially a resident of Utah. This means that she will be around for whatever the parents need. Christine has shared pictures of herself loving on her new grandsons and she adores being an Oma. Though she was there when Avalon was born in April 2021, she was privately going through a divorce from her husband, Kody. The two had been married since 1994 but she had reached a breaking point and was ready for a change.

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This meant leaving her home in Flagstaff for Utah. Mykelti came to help her mother and little sister, Truely move, and even found them their first Utah rental. Over the 2021 holidays, they were able to make memories with little Avalon and now, that can continue with Ace and Archer by their side. When asked if there are more babies in their future, Mykelti immediately shut that down. Looks like they have a great family as is.

Are you happy to see the progress the boys have made? Let us know and watch part one of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.


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