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What Did Julie Chrisley Eat For Her First Prison Meal?

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Julie Chrisley’s first dinner behind bars has been revealed.

Known as the cook of her household, Julie Chrisley will finally get to take a seat as her meals are prepared for her. Unfortunately, for Todd Chrisley’s wife, she’s been served up prison food.

As Tv Shows Ace has mentioned previously, all eyes were on the Chrisley family yesterday as the day finally arrived for them to report to their respective prisons. Despite now being behind bars, all eyes remain on the Chrisley family. For the most part, there’s a pretty even split regarding why fans have their eyes on the Chrisley Knows Best. Some fans are absolutely gutted by the situation the reality TV family is currently in. Others, however, are just happy that being reality TV stars didn’t prevent justice from being properly served.

Knowing Todd and Julie Chrisley have lived a lavish and luxurious lifestyle for such a long time, fans are understandably curious to know what their life will look like behind bars. More specifically, fans wonder how it looks for Julie Chrisley to go from being in control of the kitchen to dining on prison food.

Julie Chrisley - YouTube - USA
Julie Chrisley – YouTube – USA

What did Julie Chrisley have as her first meal behind bars?

According to Radar Online, Julie Chrisley’s first dinner at Federal Medical Center Lexington in Kentucky was a chicken cheese steak sandwich. Officials at the federal prison went on to tell the outlet they do offer an alternative if the reality TV star is unable to stomach the prison’s meat. In substitution for the chicken cheese steak, Julie also had the choice of opting for a bean or pasta salad.

In addition to her main entree, Julie Chrisley’s first prison meal was paired with carrots and bread rolls. On Reddit, fans noted that Julie was likely to have struggles with her weight from behind bars thanks to the high fat and greasy prison food. Other individuals chimed in that she would have plenty of free time to exercise to balance the less healthy food choices she’s being forced to consume.

Julie Chrisley - Youtube
Julie Chrisley – Youtube

Moving in a different direction, fans remain obsessed with the fact that Julie was reassigned to a federal prison for individuals with medical needs. As Tv Shows Ace has previously reported, the reason for her reassignment has not been reported. But, fans suspect it could have something to do with her history of breast cancer.

Do you think Julie Chrisley was able to stomach the prison meat? Or, did she enjoy a bean or pasta salad instead? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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  1. Are you kidding, how many families told there kids about the Squeaky Clean Chrisley family. How the kids should strive to be and envy there wealth. To wreck cars that normal people will never have and laugh about it. Now it matters what overweight Julie stuffed down her gut? This is a Blueprint of a Corrupt American Family falling apart. Rename the show “Capone knows Best”..

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