‘Below Deck’ Camille Lamb Says She’s Accomplished, Not Lazy?

Camille Lamb

Camille Lamb claims to have a long list of accomplishments. None of them can be found on Below Deck Season 10. In the latest episode of the Bravo series, she got fired for drinking on the job. Captain Sandy Yawn ran out of chances to give her.

The stew struggled with her job all season. At first, she was hired in a deckhand/stew role, but her poor work ethic and snappy attitude caused problems on the boat. Camille spent most of her time complaining, arguing, and drinking on the boat. She lost her job, which fans will see in the forthcoming episode.

Camille Lamb [Bravo TV | YouTube]
[Bravo TV | YouTube]

Camille Lamb addresses the Below Deck firing

On Tuesday, January 17, Camille Lamb took to her Instagram Stories to address her firing on Below Deck. She’s trying to change the “narrative” about how she was perceived on the show. She claims that she was “set up.” Camille blamed producers and chief stew Fraser Olender for encouraging her to drink.

Not only was she drinking on duty, but she was also lazy with her duties. Camille also butt heads with fellow stew Alissa Humber. Their latest fight took place in front of the charter guests. Fraser was frustrated with Camille, but he wanted to keep her around because he liked her personality.

Fraser Olender Speaks To Camille Lamb [Bravo TV | YouTube]
[Bravo TV | YouTube]
His opinion of Camille was different from the Below Deck fans, who wanted her fired. After their latest interaction, Fraser came to Captain Sandy Yawn. She agreed that Camille needed to go since she was the overriding problem. In her Instagram Stories, Camille revealed what happened when the cameras were off.

She challenged the “narrative” about her drinking and laziness. Camille argued that her crew members were also drinking on the job. She revealed that she was “already sauced” in her confessional interviews. Camille claims that producers served her drinks during the interviews. She also claimed that Fraser said they “could drink” after they finished their duties.

Camille Lamb Snaps Selfie [Camille Lamb | Instagram]
[Camille Lamb | Instagram]

Claims she’s a hard worker?

What’s also interesting is that Camille Lamb claims to be a hard worker. She denies being lazy, just “less enthusiastic.” Camille argued that she has a long list of accomplishments to her name.

“My accomplishments thus far in life are not accomplishments of a lazy person,” Camille Lamb continued. “I will continue to be accountable for my actions with no shame because at the end of the day, I grow from them, I learn from them, and those lessons and failures I’m one step closer to success.”

Camille Lamb Lengthy Statement [Camille Lamb | Instagram Stories]
[Camille Lamb | Instagram Stories]
What are your thoughts on Camille Lamb’s statement? Do you agree that she was a lazy person? Do you believe there’s any truth to her claims? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Season 10 airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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