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Camille Lamb Says ‘Below Deck’ Producers Served Her Drinks?

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Camille Lamb has a lot to say about her Below Deck firing. She issued a statement in three separate posts uploaded to her Instagram Stories. As fans know, Captain Sandy Yawn seemingly fired Camille for drinking on the job. Toward the end of Monday’s episode, she called her up to the bridge, which is never good news.

That’s where Captain Sandy fires most of her crew members. Fans have a feeling that Camille won’t be on the show next week. This comes amid the ongoing issues with her behavior. Camille acts like she’s on a vacation rather than working on a superyacht.

Camille Lamb Wears Neon Costume [Camille Lamb | Instagram]
[Camille Lamb | Instagram]

Below Deck fans wanted Camille Lamb fired

For much of Below Deck Season 10, fans have been upset with Camille Lamb’s actions. She hasn’t proved herself with her bad attitude and lazy work ethic. Even Captain Sandy called her out for her behavior. Fans watched her struggle to get along with Alissa Humber when it came to performing basic tasks.

Some Below Deck fans wondered why Camille was on St. David in the first place. She made it seem like she wanted to have fun and not work. In her interview, Camille explained that she had a position between deckhand and stewardess. However, she didn’t understand the role of either position.

Camille Lamb Puckers Up In Hoodie [Camille Lamb | Instagram]
[Camille Lamb | Instagram]
Camille wanted to work on the deck team, who didn’t need her. Boatswain Ross McHarg said she held them back with her poor work ethic. She clearly didn’t want to work and wanted to socialize with the guests. Camille also got into arguments with Alissa.

Below Deck fans noticed that she was too immature. Others wondered if she ever worked a day in her life. Her drinking on the job was the final straw. Once chief stew Fraser Olender found out, he brought his concerns to Captain Sandy, who had enough of her behavior.

Does Camille blame producers for her boozy ways?

On Tuesday, January 17, Camille issued a long statement on her Instagram Stories. She seemingly blamed the Below Deck producers for  serving her drinks on the boat. Camille says they served her drinks in her confessional interviews. She was “sauced” in her interviews where she talked about her crew members.

“That day is designed to appear as if we are working all day,” Camille explained. “Which we are doing some things but also one by one being taken off the boat for hrs to do interviews ‘confessionals’ they call them. Where they offer you drinks or better yet truth serum.”

Camille Lamb Shares Statement [Camille Lamb | Instagram Stories]
[Camille Lamb | Instagram Stories]
As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Camille also blamed Fraser for encouraging the stews to drink. She claims that he made them have “champagne time” after the tip meetings. What are your thoughts on Camille blaming the Below Deck producers for serving drinks? Do you believe her? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on the cast of Below Deck.

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