‘Below Deck’ Camille Lamb Has Choice Words For Captain Lee

Camille Lamb & Captain Lee Rosbach

Below Deck star Camille Lamb shared some choice words about Captain Lee Rosbach. The deckhand/stew was close to him at the beginning of Season 10. She felt bad for him when he struggled to walk around the yacht. That all changed when Captain Lee shared that he was leaving for health reasons.

Camille was the only crew member who didn’t say goodbye to him. Ever since then, her behavior has only gotten worse. Even Captain Lee’s fill-in Captain Sandy Yawn has tried to motivate Camille to no avail. Find out what made Camille say that he lost his mind.

Camille Lamb [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

Captain Lee Rosbach shares his thoughts on Camille Lamb

Camille’s work ethic hasn’t improved since the start of Below Deck Season 10. She argues with Alissa Humber about doing work and drinks on the job. Camille says she wants to help out the deck team more than the interior. Even the deck team wants nothing to do with her.

On the latest episode of Below Deck, boatswain Ross McHarg was relieved when Captain Sandy suggested that Camille became a full-time stew instead. He felt that it was no loss to his team. Up to this point, everyone on the boat witnessed Camille’s rudeness and laziness.

Captain Lee Rosbach [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
She’s the first person on Below Deck to end up with the combination deck/stew position. Camille has created division among the boat. Captain Lee recently shared his thoughts on her behavior. He regularly tweets during the live episodes but has taken a step back since he won’t share his thoughts as Captain Sandy Yawn leads the boat.

However, that didn’t stop him from mentioning Camille. He feels that she is the one who lost her mind. Below Deck fans agree and think she needs serious mental health. Others think she simply needs to be fired.

“Of all the things you’ve lost Camille, you miss your mind the boat,” Captain Lee tweeted. “Your behavior, from what I’m seeing is not all what I would expect nor tolerate.”

The least favorite Below Deck star slams Captain Lee

Camille took wind of Captain Lee’s tweet. She took to her Instagram Stories to slam him and accuse him of losing his mind. She also accused him of inappropriate behavior. The Below Deck newbie isn’t winning over fans by dragging the favorite of the series.

“Have you lost your mind? I’m a 24-year-old trying to figure out life, you just made it more difficult,” Camille wrote in her Instagram Stories before deleting it. “You know… I thought the exact same thing when you joked about dragging your d*** through whiskey glass in front of a crowd of people at the premiere. My exact thought was thought of all the things you’ve lost Lee, you miss your mind the most. Get real and get off Twitter with that bull.”

Camille Lamb Has Choice Words For Captain Lee Rosbach [Camille Lamb | Instagram Stories]
[Camille Lamb | Instagram Stories]
Apparently, that’s not all that Camille said about Captain Lee. She also called him a “softie” and claims that he “loves her.” Yet, she feels that he doesn’t like her for some reason. Still, Camille thinks Captain Lee was a “really good mentor” to the crew.

What are your thoughts on Camille saying that Captain Lee lost his mind? Do you think she should get fired from the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Season 10 air on Mondays on Bravo at 8 p.m. ET.

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