‘Today’ Al Roker Has Exciting New Gig Amid Health Scare

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Today show weathercaster Al Roker has exciting news for fans. The fan-favorite NBC journalist revealed details of his new gig just days after returning to the show after a major health scare. Al Roker had been hospitalized twice due to blood clots in his legs and lungs. The weatherman returned to the show on January 6, 2023, after two months of on-and-off hospitalization. What is this new gig Al shared with his fans? Keep reading to find out the details!

Al Roker Introduces His New PBS Animated Series

After his return to the NBC show, Al Roker shared with fans details of his upcoming animated series soon to air on the PBS network, titled, Weather Hunters. The weatherman recently posted a picture from his forthcoming cartoon show on Instagram and shared details of his latest project in the caption.

Al Roker Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

The 68-year-old wrote, “Excited for today’s announcement about Weather Hunters, a new animated STEM Series from Al Roker Entertainment and PBS. I predict increasing animation with downpours of family-friendly storytelling and a rising understanding of #weather and #climate.”

Fans Laud Al Roker For His Upcoming Project

Also, in the caption, he encouraged fans to find more details about the show by clicking the link provided in his Instagram bio. Fans flocked to the comments section appreciating the weatherman’s new project. His wife, Deborah Roberts even complimented, “This is wonderful. A long time coming. What a great recovery gift.”

Victoria Christopher Murray, NAACP-winner, lauded the weatherman, “How cool is this. I love it. Major congratulations!”

Weather Hunters PBS Kids Instagram Al Roker

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A fan wrote, “How exciting! Can’t wait to watch it with my kiddos! Thanks for your commitment to educating us!”

“This is so cool. Wish we had something like this when I was young. I was obsessed with the weather. (Still am),” added another.

As reported by The Sun, even PBS Network’s official handle commented, “Predicting a big hit! Can’t wait to see the Hunter family’s adventures!”

Al Roker & Deborah Roberts Have A Fun Outing

Earlier this week, Al and his wife Deborah Roberts had a fun outing and nearly missed a highly anticipated show. The ABC journalist took to Instagram to share with fans glimpses of her date with Al Roker after a long time. Furthermore, the couple attended the Broadway revival of Arthur Miller’s Death Of A Salesman in New York. The duo also clicked several pictures with the stellar cast from the show including Wendall Pierce.

Al Roker Instagram Deborah Roberts

[Source: Instagram]

Deborah Roberts revealed that they had scheduled the show just days after the weathercaster fell ill. However, now that he is healing fast, they got to the show just days before it wraps.

What do you think of Al Roker’s new gig after a health scare? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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