Savannah Chrisley Shared ‘Don’t Let Lies Hold You Captive’

Savannah Chrisley- YouTube

Savannah Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best is working through a lot these days.  Her parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley seemed like typical Southern Christians. Savannah’s parents claimed to work hard to give their family everything that they wanted. They seemed to have more money than anyone knew what to do with. Once they made it big in the real estate world and then they were noticed. A reality television producer came across these two and the rest is history.

The Chrisley Drama and Legal Woes

Savannah Chrisley has been part of her family’s crazy drama and legal problems, but she has had no hand in the fraud charges. In fact, she did appear on all of the shows they were in, but those were shortly canceled when Todd and Julie went to court. Todd and Julie were found guilty of a few different schemes. Additionally, these schemes included fraud and bank fraud. There were also rumors that they had evaded taxes in several states. Now that Savannah Chrisley is no longer on the show, she has started a podcast called Unlocked. Her fans get a deeper idea of who she is on this show.

Savannah Chrisley- USA
Savannah Chrisley- USA

Not only does Savannah have her podcast, she and her brother Chase, have hinted at a new business venture. From the looks of it, these two are heading into the world of real estate together. Chase wrote to his fans that the siblings were diving into the world of real estate in Nashville, Tennessee.  Interestingly enough, this was the business their parents were in and we see what happened to them. Let’s hope that their children are more successful in that department.

Savannah’s Strengths and Struggles

It didn’t take long for fans to pick up on some of Savannah’s cryptic posts on social media. She often talks about her strengths and struggles. Her fans know that she is open about what has happened to her in life, but there are some things she keeps to herself. Like many of her fans, Savannah has been through some horrible things in her life. She admits frequently to going to dark places in her mind. Her mental health has definitely suffered at times and she has opened up about it.

Savannah Chrisley- Instagram
Savannah Chrisley- Instagram

In a recent post, Savannah Chrisley shared with her fans, “Don’t buy the lie that your life can’t be full and meaningful even if it’s different than you expected. That lie holds us captive from purpose, meaning, and often love. Renounce it. Life is brief.”

What do you think Savannah was hinting at with this quote? Additionally, does this sound as if she is trying to defend her own life? Of course, we want to read your comments! We would love to hear your thoughts. Keep up with Tv Shows Ace for more Chrisley Knows Best.

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