‘Chrisley Knows Best’ & Spinoffs Canceled After Sentencing

Todd Chrisley [USA Network | YouTube]

Chrisley Knows Best and its spinoffs are at risk of cancellation after the sentencing. On Monday, November 21, the Chrisley family trended on social media for all the wrong reasons. Their conviction sentencing concluded. Todd and Julie’s legal team tried to get the court to throw out their guilty verdict but it didn’t work.

The only thing the couple successfully managed was to get their sentencing delayed. The day still had to arrive even if they didn’t want it to. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, prosecutors want Todd to serve between 201 and 262 months and Julie to serve between 121 and 151 months. They were found guilty of several schemes, including bank fraud and fraud.

The USA Network held onto Chrisley Knows Best until the sentencing. Here is what to know about the future of their shows.

Savannah Chrisley With Todd & Julie [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]

What happens to Chrisley Knows Best & its spinoffs?

Just a year ago, Chrisley Knows Best premiered along with a Thanksgiving and Christmas special on Peacock. It was a different time for the Chrisley family. They had a lot to be thankful for. According to a new report, Chrisley Knows Best and its spinoffs are reportedly canceled.

This comes just a day after the news of their sentencing. USA Network camera crews can’t follow Todd and Julie into prison. They wouldn’t allow it. A cancellation was effective immediately. All three of their reality shows have been canceled, including Growing Up Chrisley and Love Limo.

Chrisley Knows Best [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]
Fans won’t even get to see their kids in front of the cameras. Deadline was the first to report the fate of their shows. Chrisley Knows Best premiered in 2014 when their kids were youngsters and the Chrisleys were relatively unknowns. USA Network will air a shortened Season 10 in 2023.

This signifies a decade of family laughs and banter. Now, the family finds themselves at odds with the law. Their kids will have to stick together as their parents go to prison. Fans wonder what will happen to their youngest children — Grayson and Chloe.

Love Limo never got a shot

Growing Up Chrisley followed Chase and Savannah Chrisley as they moved away from their parents. Season 3 of the show moved to E! in 2021. Season 4 wrapped up last month and it looks like it’ll be their right. Meanwhile, Love Limo never got a shot. E! ordered the new series in May.

The dating series was to feature Todd taking singles in a limo on blind dates. The network never announced a premiere date in light of the conviction. On Monday, Todd and Julie’s sentencing shook the entertainment world. The couple has denied the allegations against them and maintains their innocence.

What are your thoughts on Chrisley Knows Best and its spinoffs getting canceled? Does this surprise you? Do you think the kids should at least have their own spinoff? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I think it is so sad! They are getting the book thrown at them when other celebrities just get a slap on the hand. They have paid PLENTY in restitution that should be punishment enough. What about the accountant/ financial advisor? He is the one responsible for overseeing clients finanical wellbeing. I just feel its all a crock of bull. Haters keep hating…but leave these people alone. Jealousy is what haters boil down to.

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