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Meri Brown Gets Slammed For Ripping People Off, What Now?

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Meri Brown is getting slammed for ripping people off. Her followers have taken to social media to tell the Sister Wives star how she is doing them wrong. They are holding nothing back in their comments but what exactly are they angered by? Read on for more details.

Meri Brown Gets Slammed For Ripping People Off, What Now?

The Sister Wives star is in hot water for ripping her fan off. Yet, what is Meri Brown doing that has her followers all fired up? The other day, the details of her February B&B retreat were released on Lizzie’s Heritage Inn website. This is the second retreat that she has held with the first one occurring in November. There was a lot of scrutiny surrounding that one as it was extremely pricey and did not seem to go the way that she had planned. The hope was that Meri Brown would have learned from her mistakes and made it right this time around.

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Lizzie’s Heritage Inn

From the February retreat details, it is clear that Meri has learned nothing, especially about pricing. Then, she took to Instagram today to formally share the details of the retreat. However, her followers were not pleased as they felt she was ripping them off in so many ways. Immediately, they took to the comments section to share their thoughts. “Wow. Another 1000 to spend more time with Merri. How can anyone afford 4k and not even get to stay at the Inn. I would much rather take a cruise for 1/4 of that price. Can we say price gouge,” one shared.

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Another added: “You can’t convince me this BnB isn’t used for FLDS money laundering.” This comment actually garnered six likes. One follower had a legitimate question: “Six. THOUSAND?!!! DOLLARS??!! What on earth could that include?! I’m genuinely curious.” Finally, someone wanted this known: “Not gonna spend $6k to spend extra time with someone I wouldn’t walk out to my mailbox to meet. Your behavior is disgusting.”

Other Alternatives

Many of Meri Brown’s followers had other suggestions as to how to better use the money. They pointed out fabulous trips that could be taken rather than a few-day retreat with Meri in Utah. Others felt that Meri could actually benefit from one of these self-love retreats herself. However, the overall issue was the hefty price tag and the fact that 4K did not even get you a room at the inn. After all that she went through with the scrutiny last time, one would think that this retreat would be more budget-friendly.

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It will be interesting to see how many people sign up for it. More so, it will be exciting to see what improvements she makes as the prices were not the only detail under fire. The food that Meri Brown served was less than desirable so hopefully, she has taken notes and this will be memorable for everyone.

Are you shocked that this retreat is just as expensive as before? Did you think Meri Brown would lower her prices to accommodate all fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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