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Meri Brown Cancels Fridays With Friends Amid Abuse Allegations

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Meri Brown from Sister Wives has been going through a lot lately! When fans found out on the Sister Wives: One-On-One special that she and Kody Brown had split, they were heartbroken. Although this didn’t seem to be much of a shock. In fact, many viewers felt that Kody may have forced the split on her and she found out on the show. Meri Brown has been fighting for years for Kody to love her again, but it never really panned out for her. Meri has continued to keep her head up no matter what. One thing that she enjoys weekly is her Fridays with Friends Live Instagram chats. Along with her friend, Jenn Sullivan, they welcome fans to hang out with them on Friday nights.

Meri Brown’s Fridays With Friends

Fans noticed that this week Meri Brown didn’t hold her Fridays with Friends Live on Instagram. Jenn posted on her Stories that they were too busy celebrating Meri’s birthday and that they wouldn’t be doing it this week. Last week, however, fans did notice that Meri was coming on a little too strong during the Live. In fact, many of them were very concerned about Meri. Some of her fans thought she was intoxicated. During the Live she was yelling at the camera, but she could have just been overly excited.

Meri Brown-YouTube
Meri Brown-YouTube

Meri Brown generally has a lot of fans tune in for Fridays with Friends. She is generally seen with a drink. Some of her fans think that it is either water or coffee, but there have been some that think she is drinking alcohol. In the Brown family, Kody didn’t like for his wives to drink alcohol because it is against their religion. However, now that Kody and Meri Brown are no longer together, she could be enjoying alcohol. Nonetheless, she loves to chat with her friend Jenn and other special guests.

They Canceled Fridays with Friends

Recently, it has come to light that there could have been some abuse in Meri Brown’s marriage to Kody. These allegations came from Paedon Brown, the son of Janelle and Kody. He claims that Meri was the abuser and that she was not only physically violent but verbally as well. A family friend, Kim Carter, also weighed in on the abuse that she had seen. She said, “I heard yelling then saw Meri windmilling (hitting the kids) the kids. Cussing and chaos. Then the other parents were all yelling. And my coworker said that’s the sister wives cast. There were some TLC cameras but someone was pushing them back like don’t film this. The building they are up against is a lot between the arcade and the jack n box. Like an ally parking lot.”

Jenn Sullivan- Instagram
Jenn Sullivan- Instagram

Could these allegations be the sole reason that Meri Brown canceled this week’s Fridays with Friends? Although Jenn shared in her Story that it was because they were celebrating, some fans aren’t too sure. Meri’s fans hope that these allegations aren’t true and were saddened about the cancellation.

What do you think about these abuse allegations? If you think that they could be true, let us know in the comments below. Be sure to follow TvShowsAce for more on Meri Brown.




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  1. It was obvious that Meri detested Janelle and Christine. I actually think she did not like Robyn either. I doubt Meri ever really wanted sister wives and the only reason she accepted it was to keep Kody. Meri did not like the other children having access to her house in Vegas . But being part of a polygamist family is all she has ever known. Terribly sad. Why any woman would accept that life doesn’t make sense. You do notice that none of the Brown off spring want polygamy. And sadly, of all the kids, Meri and Kody’s daughter Mariah is a huge mess. I have a feeling Meri was never really a kind person to any of the so called wives and their children.

    1. I don’t believe Meri was abusive to the children, she didn’t want them using her appt. as a way to their own place which is quite reasonable, the family have not been nice to her most of the time, they never forgot this and it’s been years ago. Kody could have put an outside entrance by covering the outside entrance. And lets not forget the catfish incident, witch happened long after Kody told her he didn’t want her. She had every right to look elsewhere. That’s just my opinion.

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