Meri Brown’s Latest B&B Retreat Unveiled, Details Revealed

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Meri Brown is getting ready for her second B&B retreat. The Sister Wives star shared that she would be having a second one after the “success” of the first. Now, with a month before it is set to take place, Meri has unveiled all of the information regarding the second getaway. How much does it cost and what is included? Details here.

Meri Brown’s Latest B&B Retreat Unveiled, Details Revealed

Back in November, Meri Brown held a retreat at her Parowan, Utah B&B. Lizzie’s Heritage Inn seemed like the most peaceful spot for a getaway. However, fans of the show and of Meri were taken aback by the incredibly high prices that she was charging. Even at around 4K, those attending were not going to be staying at the physical B&B. Rather, they’d be in nearby accommodations. It ultimately seemed that Meri Brown could not fill the spots and had to utilize people from her LuLaRoe group.

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There was also a chance that fans were recruited to attend, possibly for free, to make the retreat appear successful. After this, Meri Brown announced she would be having another in February with details to come. Now the retreat has been unveiled and here is what is known. It will be held from February 16 through 19, 2023. Unlike last time, there will be three pay tiers and this one is a touch cheaper but not much. The first retreat ranged in price from 4K to around $6400.

Meri Brown/Lizzie's Heritage Inn
Lizzie’s Heritage Inn

Though Meri Brown was scrutinized for her high prices, she is bottoming out at 6K this time around. It starts at the Supreme level which is 4K but does not have a room at the inn. Next level up is the Elite which is 5K and that is when a room at the property is included. Finally, there is the Elite Plus which is 6K and also warrants a room at the inn as well as more time spent with Meri. So, what else is included in this retreat package? It is pretty much the same as the November getaway.

What’s To Come

There are daily activities planned for the retreat as listed on the website. Meri Brown bills this as a time to “reflect, renew, and restore.” Essentially, it is a time to escape all of the outside noise and focus on one’s self as well as make new friendships within the retreat circle. Additionally, there are meals included. The site says: “Three meals for the two full days, dinner on the first night, breakfast on the last morning.” However, the food that Meri served the first time around was heavily scrutinized as cheap and unappealing for what patrons were paying.

Meri Brown/YouTube

Activities will run two to five per day plus a goody bag to remember the experience by. There will also be transportation during the time of the retreat but NOT to and from the B&B. Finally, photos, time with Meri, and so much more. Yet, no word on the “so much more” exactly is. This might work out better this time as Meri Brown officially cut ties with her husband, Kody. Therefore, fans have more respect for her than they did back in November. The biggest hurdle will be the price tag and it is quite hefty.

What do you think of Meri Brown’s second retreat information? Worth it or will it be another bust? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. hope that she does leave and starts her real life and find a real husband. Kody wasn’t it. one husband one wife . write a book and make some mon
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