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Fans Slam Mama June Over Latest Post, What About The Kids?

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Mama June Shannon has been pretty active on Instagram lately. Just recently she shared a post about how she doesn’t wash her hair. This, of course, shocked her fans and led them to wonder how often she bathes. In fact, the post was all about how she has to go to the salon to get someone to wash her hair because she won’t do it herself. She said that washing her hair is quite a process and it takes about two hours for her to do it on her own! Yet, the post was about more than washing her hair though. It was really an homage to her new husband which might have been a bit much.

Mama June’s Praise for Justin

It is clear that Mama June loves her new husband, Justin Stroud. She shared a long tribute to him recently on her Instagram account. There were some rough patches to read in it, but overall, she gave him a great shoutout. Her post was all about how she never washes her hair, but then she added that he did it for her! They were married in March 2022 after only knowing one another for a short time. However, they are constantly showing how much they love each other.

Mama June- Instagram
Mama June- Instagram

The post went on about how Justin stopped what he was doing to wash Mama June’s hair. She told women that they all need a man who does this for them. June added, “if a husband that will do things like this for you, he is a keeper everyday may not be rainbows but u make the best of everyday n make memories and work through the bad good TOGETHER it makes you strong at the end of the day.” With all of this love for her husband, some fans were angered by her post.

Where’s The Love For Her Kids?

Recently, The Sun shared some of the backlash that Mama June has gotten from her post. After fans read it, they were quick to start in on June. They were angry that she left her kids out of this. She has not even mentioned them in months on social media. In fact, one of her fans wrote to her, “It would be nice to see June single and focus on herself and her daughters. You don’t need a man to keep you happy.” Additionally, a fan wrote, “She used to be all about her kids. Kinda sad to see how she just walked away. Those girls didn’t deserve it, but I love Pumpkin for stepping up.”

Mama June- YouTube
Mama June- YouTube

More and more of June’s fans are fed up with her never acting like she even has kids. Another fan wrote, “Girl, go be with your children. Post about being a great mommy to your daughter whose in her senior year of high school!” Finally, one more critic shunned her on her grammar, “That was so painful to read. There are these things called periods and commas. Simple, basic English writing skills.”

Do you think that June needs to praise her children more than her husband? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments below. Keep an eye on Mama June on TV Shows Ace too!

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  1. She only wants a man and has only ever wanted a man….babies were accidents that her mom or sister or someone else would end up raising for her!! Until she found out, they could make money for her. But then she took that for drugs; and the rest is history, as they say.

  2. She is just pathetic. She tried to climb her way our of the dumpster but as they say, you can take the girl out of the trash, but you can’t take the trash out of the girl. She made it a looooong way ahead but completely rescinded. Her girls do not need who she has become and she is too arrogant to see. They are better off. Lauren is freaking super human for taking on all she did and flourish. Let’s not forget Josh…holy cow, is he the backbone of that family or what? I love him. All of them are much better people than MJ, and because of her. They have Doe Doe. She is the jackpot of the 2.

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