Mama June Shannon Leaves Instagram Perplexed

Mama June / YouTube

Mama June Shannon took to Instagram with a new photo and a message for her fans. However, by the end of the message, several fans were left perplexed and confused. It wasn’t just what Mama June had to say, but the way she said it that had fans’ heads spinning.

Here is what Mama June shared and why fans were completely confused.

Mama June praises her husband on Instagram

Mama June / YouTube

Mama June posted a new Instagram post where she seemed to be praising her husband for the kind things that he does for her. However, by the end of her message, fans were bewildered by what she was trying to say. Those who did pick out bits and pieces of her message were then perplexed by another part of the message.

The caption for the photo was 263 words, and there wasn’t one period or sentence break in the entire message. June wrote it in one giant long sentence. Many fans admitted to getting lost part of the way through because it was that hard to read.

The gest of the message was that Mama June said she hates to wash her hair and never washes it herself. It has been obvious for a long time that Mama June and hygiene are often not mentioned in the same sentence. However, in this case, she openly admits that she won’t wash her own hair. Instead, she said she will go to a salon and have them wash it, which she says takes about two hours. That likely means they also style it for her after the washing.

In the message though, Mama June was praising Justin Stroud, who she married last March. She said that she needed it washed and refused to do it. As a result, he agreed to wash it for her and she wanted fans to know that is what true love is all about.

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Fans have no idea what to make of the message

Several fans had no idea what Mama June was saying because the post was almost incomprehensible to read the way she wrote it. One fan wrote, “That was so painful to read. There are these things called periods and commas.” Another said, “Geez, take a breath! You ramble so much.”

There were fans who came to her defense, blasting the “grammar police.”

Then, there were the fans who couldn’t believe she doesn’t wash her hair. One wrote in the post’s comments, “I knew you were incompetent but I didn’t know you were that incompetent.” Another wrote, “Washing your hair is basic life skills.”

However, once again, fans came to her defense. One said that in the past, women didn’t wash their hair and would often use hair nets and rollers at night and go in once a week for a wash and styling.

Finally, Mama June popped in to defend herself with another long sentence with no punctuation, this time using all capital letters. She started off by writing, “I GO WASH MY HAIR ONVE A WEEK AT A SALON IT NORMALLY TAKES THEM ABOUT A HIUR AND HALF TO HOUT AND HALF TO DO IT CAUSE I HAVE THICK HAIR ALREADY AND I ALSO HAVE EXTENSIONS SO IT TAKES A MIN.” Later in the response, she also wrote, “I KNOW GRAMMAR AND ALL BUT. JUST THE WAY I TALK YALL.”

Did you see the post that Mama June Shannon made about her hair? Did it leave you confused? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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