‘Alaskan Bush People’ Raiven Sends Sweet Message To Bear

Raiven Brown with River Youtube

It has been a tough year for Alaskan Bush People stars Bear Brown and his wife Raiven. However, the two seem to be on great terms now. That was evident in a sweet message that Raiven just sent to Bear just weeks before her due date.

Here is what Raiven said and why today is such an important day for the couple.

Alaskan Bush People‘s Raiven sends Bear a sweet message

Raiven and River on Alaskan Bush People

Raiven Brown took to social media to send Bear a sweet message. This comes after a couple of months when their relationship hit a few rocky moments. However, with her baby coming due in the next couple of weeks, it seems that the two of them have finally got back on the right foot again.

In her new post, she had a photo of Bear sitting in a movie theater. He had popcorn in his lap, a soda next to him, and a big smile on his face. “Happy anniversary to the moon and back,” Raiven wrote in the caption. She then went on to say that this was their first “date” since River was born. “Thanks for being my movie date,” she finished. “Can’t wait to have our second little boy.”

She also added other photos of Bear and River together, a picture from the winter with her kissing Bear by a snowman, and a wedding photo. Bear responded in the comments, writing, “Thank you for taking me baby! Love you SO much!!!!”

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The last year was tough for Raiven and Bear

With Raiven set to deliver her baby in just a couple of weeks, it is nice to see them back together and happy again. They are in Texas right now, as Raiven wanted to be somewhere closer to a hospital since she is a high-risk pregnancy. She had to deliver River early when it became life-threatening. She miscarried their second baby.

However, on top of a high-risk pregnancy, life has been tough for Bear and Raiven since they got married. Just two months after their wedding, Bear went to jail on domestic abuse charges. After Raiven asked the judge to release the no-contact order, she ended up pregnant a month later.

Things seemed to be going well for them until Raiven deleted Bear from her social media and stopped following him. She then refollowed him and acted as if nothing had happened. Then, in December, she announced on her Instagram Stories that she and Bear separated and would co-parent with him, but would answer no questions. She moved back to Texas, where her family lives.

By Christmas, they were back together again and Bear joined her in Texas. Since that time, things seem to be doing much better and they are ready to become parents of a second boy any time now.

Help send anniversary wishes to Bear Brown and Raiven as the Alaskan Bush People couple

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  1. They are losers who deserve each over. About the time she separates from the munchkin for abuse she runs back to the turd.

  2. I can’t wail till the bush people come back on and I don’t see any losers on their show everyone has problems I really miss ya’ll can’t wait to watch your show all I want to know is what day still Sunday and what channel so I’m waiting patiently but hurry I love your show

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