Truely Brown Photo Bombs While Christine Gets Groove On

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Truely Brown can’t just let her mother, Christine have a little fun. As the mother of six proceeded to get her groove on, Truely made an epic photo bomb. Was it all in good fun? Read on for more details and to see the super lighthearted video.

Truely Brown Photo Bombs While Christine Gets Groove On

Christine Brown has been living her best life since she moved to Utah with her youngest daughter, Truely Brown. They have been having the best experiences and even got a Sister Wives set in their home. Now, Truely has gotten her mother out of her comfort zone and on the trend bandwagon. Many fans of the hit Netflix show Wednesday have been copying the infamous dance that the show’s lead, Jenna Ortega made go viral.

Jenna Ortega YouTube Wednesday

Apparently, Truely Brown encouraged Christine to do the dance and share it on TikTok. However, she could not resist making a Cameo appearance in the clip as her mother got her groove on. On her Instagram, Christine wrote: “My daughter made me do it Ft. Truely #wednesdayadams #itried #sisterwives #itson #iacceptthechallenge #christinebrown #nextchallengeplease.” She does her absolute best to emulate the classic moves while Truely photo bombs her mother.

@christine_brownsw Spontaneous and fun Ft. Truely #wednesdayadams #dancetok #watchmyskills #itried #fyp #foryoupage #christinebrown ♬ original sound – heyy

As Christine dances in all black, looking stunning and carefree, Truely Brown appears not to want to have anything to do with what is going on. Fans of the two loved seeing this happen as they left a plethora of comments. “we needed this Christine the last 10 years. so fun!!” one noted. Another added: “I love how you have that sparkle back in your eyes. 🥰” Others loved Truely’s reaction though she was the one who encouraged her mama to make this video.

Not The Only One

Just the other day, Truely Brown’s older sister, Mykelti Padron took the same challenge. She did it alongside her nearly two-year-old daughter, Avalon. It was definitely a competition to see who did it better. Obviously, Mykelti tried harder to follow the moves while Avalon clearly had more fun letting go and having fun. The family seems to like Wednesday a lot and it shows through their videos and attempts to dance like her.

Christine Brown/YouTube

Yet, what is even better is seeing Christine be her genuine self, not holding back at all. Plus, having a daughter like Truely Brown who thrives on seeing her mother happy is just icing on the cake. Yes, it was not initially easy to break the news that Christine was leaving Kody and that they were moving to Utah. However, it is blatantly obvious that this was the best decision the former third wife ever made.

What do you think of Truely Brown’s fun photo bomb on Christine’s groove sesh? Let us know in the comments below.

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