Fans Want Clarity On Christine Brown’s Hopes For Truely & Kody

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

All season long, Sister Wives has heavily focused on Christine’s departure. At this point in the season, she has finally moved back to Utah and closed the door on her marriage to Kody. However, she did mention that she would like Truely to have a relationship with Kody, no matter what their marriage looks like.

Fans are happy to know that Christine wants to put Truely first. But what exactly does she hope their relationship will look like?

Christine Brown hopes there is a future for Kody and Truely’s relationship

Sister Wives viewers can clearly see that Kody Brown doesn’t have a great relationship with most of his kids — even some of the younger ones. Really, he only seems focused on Robyn and her children these days. But even so, Christine hopes that Truely and Kody will find some common ground someday.

But for the time being, Truely seems a lot happier with her mom and sisters in Utah.

Christine Brown and family from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

“Truely being close to Kody,” the OP titled their thread. “I really want to know if Christine means it or still feels that she wants Truely to have a good relationship with her dad. After seeing how he’s treating his other kids, I personally would want to protect Truely from him. I understand wanting a father for your kid but I feel like having Kody in your life leads to more heartache and trauma.”

“I think it’s more an abstract want. We all want those kids to have good relationships with a father,” another user replied. Many others agreed that it made sense Christine would want Truely to have a positive relationship with Kody. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she has a plan to make it happen.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Christine Brown/TLC

“I think Christine would honestly like for Truely and Kody to have a good relationship. I think the part she’s not saying is that she knows perfectly well it’s not possible for Truely to have a good relationship with Kody. I think she’s leaving that door open, not because she thinks Kody will ever change, but because she doesn’t want Truely to look back as an adult and feel like her mom kept her from her dad,” someone else wrote.

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Will Sister Wives cover anything else this season?

Fans were excited to see how Christine’s departure played out onscreen, but now they’re ready for something new. So far, the drama surrounding the breakup has covered an entire season. Mykelti’s pregnancy and Janelle’s RV drama seem to be the only other notable storylines so far.

There can’t be many episodes left in Season 17, so fans are really hoping for more before the big finale.

There will be a new episode of Sister Wives out this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time. Tune in and don’t miss out on a single second.

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