Christine Brown’s Secret To Keeping Her Children Close

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Christine Brown knows what it takes to keep her children close. Of course, the mother of six moved from Flagstaff to Utah last year to be closer to her children. However, just because they live in the same vicinity does not mean that they are rushing over to see her all of the time. Yet, she has the secret recipe to change all of that. So, what is that exactly? Read on for more details.

Christine Brown’s Secret To Keeping Her Children Close

The entrepreneur is used to having kids in and out of her home. She spent much of her adult life in a plural marriage and for a time being, they all lived in one home. Along with two other wives and a total of twelve children, it was a free-for-all. This especially applied to Christine as she was the homemaker of the three wives. Even when they relocated to Las Vegas and the family grew to eighteen kids and added a wife, she had a special role. She was the one who organized the events and was known for her cooking, as well.

Christine Brown/YouTube

Prior to leaving Flagstaff, Christine organized a fun and exciting graduation/birthday party for her daughter, Ysabel. It was a fabulous gathering for the kids but sad because this would likely be one of the last. Then, she left for Utah and was able to reconnect with her older daughters, Mykelti and Aspyn. Now, she is sharing her special secret to keeping her kids coming around to visit.

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In her latest Instagram post, Christine is beaming as she holds up a loaf of bread. The caption next to it reads: “Snow day and homemade bread. Guarantee that my kids will be coming over!!” Clearly, Christine knows the way to their hearts. Now, if only she would post the recipe along with it so that everyone could indulge in it, as well. 

Smiles For Days

It seems that Christine Brown’s smile and glow are like nothing fans have ever seen. Her move to Utah after leaving Kody first made people notice how much happier she looked. Now, since Mykelti’s twin boys were born, she is radiating in a way that is beyond. It is like the world is her oyster and she cannot help but beam. She has also praised Mykelti for her warrior ways after undergoing an emergency C-section to welcome Ace and Archer into the world.

Christine was by her side for this delivery as she was in April 2021 when Mykelti welcomed her first child, Avalon. However, that was a home birth so it was far different. She was even able to put her differences aside with her former sister wife, Robyn so she could be at the hospital for the twins’ arrival. It will be exciting to see what this next chapter holds as the holidays continue and more family head to see her.

What do you think of Christine’s secret to keep her kids close to her? Do you love how wholesome of a mother she truly is? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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