‘SW’ Fans Over Christine Brown Split, Ready For Something New?

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Sister Wives fans are done with Kody and Christine Brown’s split. They have watched this marriage fall apart for two seasons now. At this point, they are speaking out and they are done. Fans have watched enough of it and want a new and different storyline. So, what are viewers hoping to see instead? Read on for more details.

SW Fans Over Christine Brown Split, Ready For Something New?

It’s been two seasons of the Christine and Kody split. The couple announced their breakup right before Season 16 premiered. So, fans were eager to watch the marriage break down. They looked for clues in every episode of unhappiness. Yet, Kody and Christine had been struggling all throughout the pandemic. The same went for him and Janelle who went head to head over him wanting to evict his own sons from her home. Yes, her home as her name was on the lease.

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Furthermore, his marriage was already admittedly over with Meri yet it was Christine who had been bold enough to walk away. Through her social media, viewers could see how she had happily moved on in Utah. Season 17 revolved around Christine actually leaving Flagstaff. Now, over 10 episodes in, and fans are ready for something new. They commented on Meri Brown’s recent Instagram post to tell her they would like to see more of the B&B owner.

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She has rarely been featured this season except to gossip about Christine or when her mother, Bonnie passed away. At the same time, Kody suggested that Meri move permanently to Parowan, Utah where her B&B resides. Other fans would love to see more of Janelle. They feel that it is her time to shine. It does appear she and Kody will, once again, have a discussion about their marriage in the upcoming episode of the show. Just how far she will let him push her is a different story.

Leave Well Enough Alone

There are some Sister Wives fans who like the show the way it is. They simply feel that those who are tired of Christine Brown don’t react well to a strong woman. More so, they are extremely proud of Christine and what she is standing for, leaving a toxic situation. However, the series does have a tendency to drag storylines out for way too long. Fans have also struggled with the fact that the timing can be a year or more off. As of now, the Browns are showing footage from around September 2021.

A lot has transpired since then and some were hoping for a time jump. Yet, it would be nice to break up the Christine split with some other content or just get right to the tell-all. What are your thoughts? Are you ready to move on from the split? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. definitely ready for them to move on Christine leaving has been drawn out way to long. In fact
    it looks like that pieced it together

    1. I quit watching. Got tired of seeing Cody & Robyn stealing the others money and time. The show has not painted him as a good father, and I seen the demise of the family as soon as she devil came into the picture!! YOU GO CHRISTINE AND DON’T LOOK BACK! Make sure Cody pays child support!!

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