‘Sister Wives’: Does Kody Brown Even Watch The TLC Series?

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Kody Brown and his wives are the focal points of the popular TLC series, Sister Wives. But does Kody even watch his own reality show?

It’s a well-known fact that many members of the family used to regularly watch the show. Over time, the family’s children admitted that they no longer watched or wanted much to do with the show at all. But what about Kody and the wives?

Is Kody Brown keeping up with the latest episodes?

During the December 4 episode, fans saw Gabriel Brown break down in tears over his strained relationship with Kody. It was difficult for many fans to watch. So far, Kody has maintained his silence on social media. But Sister Wives fans think he had to have a reaction — unless he just didn’t tune in.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

“Kody must not watch the episodes back,” a Redditor shared online this week. “Gabriel has on more than one occasion now, laid out exactly why he and his father have a poor relationship. I don’t know how Kody could watch his child break down in his interviews and not, at least SOMEWHAT feel badly for the hurt Gabe feels at his expense. Is Kody just that delusional and self centred that he can’t see the error of his ways? I just don’t understand how he can watch himself back and not see why his children and other wive have issue with him. He’s always playing the victim. He acts like everyone is so awful to him when really he treats everyone except Sobyn’s family, like absolute s**t.”

Many fans agreed that it seemed bizarre that Kody seemed so clueless about Gabriel’s feelings. However, a few pointed out that someone as egotistical as Kody couldn’t pass up a chance to watch themselves on TV. Others thought Kody did know that he hurt Gabriel but just didn’t care.

“Narcissists do know the harm they are doing. They absolutely intend to harm others because they feel they deserve it for not conforming to their will,” one Redditor added.

What do you think happened? Is Kody purposefully ignoring Gabe’s feelings, or does he just not keep up? Leave your ideas in the comments.

Will the remaining wives follow after Christine?

This week, Kody said he demanded 100% loyalty from his wives. But so far, he’s only getting it from Robyn. Without a doubt, his demanding behavior has put a strain on his marriages with Meri and Janelle. Will their marriages crumble too? Fans believe it’s only a matter of time before one or both of them follow Christine out the door.

Tune into TLC this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time to keep up with Kody Brown and the rest of the family. Stay tuned for more stories and updates.

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  1. It’s not possible for Kody to have a reaction. Kody is a straight up NARCISSIST!! What I find so funny about polygamy is they all claim it’s about “religion “. Yeah, B.S it’s completely about sex and NOTHING more! I feel sorry for the children that are brought into this kind of situation! As adults SHAME ON YOU ALL!

  2. Because he’s a raging narcissist, I’m positive Grody I mean Kody has come up with some gaslighting excuse as to why his forgetting Gabriel’s birthday is Gabriel’s fault. Something like, “I have so many children and so many responsibilities. I can’t be expected to remember every birthday. It was Gabriel’s responsibility to remind me.”
    Grody Brown: World’s Biggest A-hole.

  3. I am so sick of Kody saying that people are mean to him. Does he think this whole show is only about him? I have news for him… you have to give respect in order to receive it. it’s not always about YOU, Kody.

  4. If he did watch he would see how Dumb And Stupid He After He Married Robin He didn’t want the other Three Hours Wives Or there Children

  5. Kody most definitely watches himself! But his ego, not to mention being a narcissistic a-hole, prevents him from caring about anyone else’s feelings but his own. He mistakenly thinks he’s a really cool dude. 🙄 Poor Gabe broke my heart. Kody needs his ass kicked for the way he treats everyone…but the sainted Robyn & her kids, of course.🤮 I wish TLC would cancel him & start a new Christine & Janelle series. I can’t stomach another season with him.

  6. I am never understand what these women ever saw in such an arrogant egomaniac as Kody. Meri is a complete outsider, and in no way considered a wife. Janelle appears to be seeing she is Kody’s cash cow with no footing. Christine, God Bless you for your heroic escape, and for saving your children from Kody’s emotional abuse and that of their mother! If Robyn wants him, I would let her have his disgusting, nasty, butt! I’d say, he’s ALL your’s honey. ugggh!

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