Mykelti Padron & Avalon: Who Did ‘Wednesday’ Better?

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Mykelti Padron and her daughter, Avalon are in competition with each other. The mother/daughter duo decided to put on a little show for their TikTok followers. However, it looks like one of them clearly outdid the other. They were paying homage to the popular Netflix series Wednesday. So, what exactly did the twosome do and who did it better? Read on for more details.

Mykelti Padron & Avalon: Who Did Wednesday Better?

Earlier, Mykelti Padron posted an adorable video on her Instagram. It was actually a TikTok of her and her almost two-year-old daughter, Avalon. They were dancing to the moves made famous by Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) on the Netflix series, Wednesday. In the caption, the mom of three wrote this: “I think Avalon did it better than I #wednesdayadams #foryuoupage #itried.”

@mykeltipadron I think Avalon did it better than I #wednesdayadams #foryuoupage #itried ♬ original sound – heyy

Avalon and Mykelti Padron moved their arms as mama guided her little mini. While Mykelti attempted to do the dance to the best of her ability, Avalon was just having a great time. That was really all that matters when it comes down to it. Fans were quick to comment on the adorable moves mother and daughter showcased.

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“So fun!!! She is a mini you! Y’all should get Tony to do a dance too!” one shared. Another added: “She’s the cutest! Love your top! Dance girls! 🥰” Finally, there were a plethora of comments complimenting Mykelti on how amazing she looked for just having twins. Her boys, Ace and Archer arrived on November 17th, 2022 so just under two months ago. Mykelti is beaming and clearly embracing her life as a mother of three under three.

Not The Only News

Aside from Mykelti Padron finally posting on TikTok, something she claims she never does, she also shared some more big news. She and her husband, Tony have joined Patreon. Though she has not revealed what the two will really discuss, she did say that they will do Sister Wives recaps. Plus, they will talk about being parents and things of that nature. However, fans should not expect too much gossip on the Kody/Robyn front.

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It is well known that Mykelti is extremely close to Robyn and has been for a very long time. The two are so close that Robyn was Zoomed in for Avalon’s home birth. She was there in person when the twins were born along with her former sister wife Christine, Tony, and Tony’s mother. Mykelti Padron joins her sister, Gwendlyn Brown in the Patreon sphere. She has actually been quite successful while their brother, Paedon is on the circuit and holds nothing back.

What did you think of Mykelti and Avalon’s homage to Wednesday? Plus, will you be subscribing to her Patreon? Let us know in the comments.

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