Kody & Robyn Show No Compassion As They Demote Truely

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown has always carried a torch for his kids with Robyn while ignoring his older kids. Although he has always maintained that he cares for his younger kids, he blatantly disregards the presence of his youngest one with Christine Brown, Truely. This was something evident from the day Kody and Robyn announced that they are pregnant with Solomon while demoting Truely with no compassion whatsoever. Why did they do that to the young one? Did they have a specific agenda? Keep reading to find out the details!

Did Robyn Brown Time Her Pregnancy To Snatch The Limelight?

Robyn Brown has always sought the limelight and fans feel her pregnancy with Solomon was timed. For a year and a half after her birth, Truely was the youngest in the family. She got much-deserved love and attention from her father, although for a short time.

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However, it seems like this didn’t go down well with Robyn who quickly started planning her pregnancy as well. Sure enough, the attention quickly shifted from Christine and Truely to Robyn and Solomon.

Kody Brown Snubs Young Truely With Special Announcement

In Sister Wives Season 3 premiere episode, Robyn and Kody announced their pregnancy to the family. With the entire family gathered around in their Las Vegas home, Kody announces, “Before we have dinner, we want to actually say that we are all gathered here for a special occasion.”

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“Guess what, in seven and a half months, Truely won’t be the little one,” he continues all cheery. Although it was expected of Christine to be a bit upset over the announcement, she immediately went up to Robyn with a big smile and hugged her. So, Kody’s claims of Christine treating Robyn with hatred and disrespect were nothing but blatant lies.

Kody Brown Doesn’t Want Truely To Be The Special One

In a clip shared on Facebook, Sister Wives fans pointed out how Kody cunningly shifted the family’s attention from Christine and Truely to him and his favorite wife. One wrote, “So instead of announcing this in a positive way, Kody decides to take the shine off Truely which in turn would give Christine a little dig. Christine handled this very well.”

Another agreed, “Just as Christine always handled everything! She is such a good person! But you know Kody says she always treated Robyn like shit!”

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A third added, “He could have just said Robyn was pregnant. Instead… he made a point to take the title of youngest from Truely.”

“Right, like he’s telling Truely, ‘You’re not special anymore!’” said a fourth fan.

Kody has never loved any of his kids with his other wives. For him, only his kids with Robyn matter. Given how he has ignored Truely over the years, it seemed justified that she didn’t give him a fitting reaction when she learned that their parents were splitting. Her emotionally distant father didn’t matter to her anymore.

Do you think Kody Brown neglected his daughter, Truely since her childhood? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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