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‘Gold Rush’ Fans Accuse Dave Turin Of Cheating His Friends

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Dave Turin made his return to Gold Rush last night and fans believe he is cheating his friend with the new deal he offered. While Dave made it sound like he was offering a huge opportunity on the show, what he was really doing was making a proposal filled with risk.

Here is what Dave did on Gold Rush last night and why it might not be a good deal for his friends.

Dave Turin offers to sell his operations on Gold Rush

Dave Turin showed up on Gold Rush last night. It was surprising since this was several episodes into the season and he hadn’t played a role here at all leading up to this. However, he came as the bearer of bad news – and what he called a good deal. He gathered his crew and let them know that he was shutting down and selling his operation.

Dave showed up and said that he lost one of his investors. However, when his crew asked what this meant for them, Dave said it was a “huge opportunity.” He said that he was going to give them a chance to buy his company and run it their way. However, this made them unsure since it would cost them a lot of money for a huge risk.

Dave Turin on Gold Rush / YouTube

Gold Rush fans not happy with Dave

Fans were not happy when seeing this, with many on Reddit deciding that Dave was trying to screw over his friends. One wrote, “He is selling his unproven claim as profitable to his FRIENDS.” Another pointed out that he was also trying to sell this idea to people who have been working with him on the property for two years.

However, other fans felt this might be a good deal for the crew if they make smarter decisions than Dave made. One said that they could buy the claim and then sell both Rock and Eagle, which could allow them to scale back and focus on where there is likely gold to find. This could be a profit for a two or three-person operation.

With that said, one other fan said Dave’s track record speaks for itself. “Dave is lying to his crew, to try to sell to them,” they wrote. “How many mining sites did dave say had great gold that turned out to be nothing? 3-5 times over his show and gold rush.”

Dave Turin on Gold Rush / YouTube

Is Dave Turin really retiring from Gold Rush?

In a new interview with the Idaho Press, Dave Turin said he is not retiring from mining. He said he is just “scaling back.” Dave said his body is not doing the best and mining is grueling. He wants to scale back, especially after he took the brunt of everything when COVID-19 shut things down.

Dave also said in the interview why he chose to make the offer to Jason Sanchez and Nathan Clark. “Those two guys have stepped up and become leaders,” he said. “They took much of the mining responsibility, and if we were without Jason and Nathan, we would not be as successful as we were.”

What do you think about Dave Turin trying to sell his crew his operations on Gold Rush? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I admire Jason and Nathan however Dave is joining Parker/ He lost his investor -he wants to sell it for a million. Jason and Nathan should run far away from this deal as it does not make any logical reason to sell the claim at such a low price. Do your own things guys ) I am sure Dave can get an investor to sell at a higher price.

  2. Father time is undefeated! Dave has endured years of physical duress and physical exhaustion. Maybe he hit the wall!!

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