‘Gold Rush’ Parker Schnabel & Dave Turin Teaming Up?

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Could Parker Schnabel and Dave Turin be preparing for a team-up on Gold Rush? There are some clues that this could be true, and fans are not sure what they think about this possibility.

Here is a look at why fans think Parker and Dave could be teaming up and why it might not be the best idea.

Is Dave Turin Coming To Gold Rush?

Nathan Clark of Dave Turin’s crew surprised fans with a post on Facebook that said he was returning to TV on Gold Rush on the January 13 episode. The synopsis read, “Parker battles for his first Alaska gold and a triple cleanout. Dave returns with a shocking proposal at Glacier Creek. Tony moves mountains to drain the gold-rich 80 Pup Cut. Fred calls up a combat buddy for help.”

Dave Turin - Gold Rush

This has people talking about what Dave Turin might be offering on Gold Rush. Some wonder if it means he is going to make a proposal for Parker Schnabel. However, this is what it seems will happen because Glacier Creek is in Alaska. So, it is likely that is where Parker is setting up his new location.

There might be something else coming, but most fans think it is going to be Dave Turin and Parker Schnabel possibly teaming up. A lot of people from Dave’s old crew have left him. Now, fans think he might want to combine what he has left with Parker. It sounds like they will come to an agreement since Nathan said he will be returning to TV.

At the same time, there are many fans who don’t like this idea. Some people wonder what will happen with Dave Turin’s Lost Mine and others don’t think his attitude will match up with Parker’s goals.

Fans Unsure About Dave & Parker On Gold Rush

Fans on Reddit debated the worth of this move. One fan said they would be disappointed if it was anything less than Parker agreeing to bring on Dave as an employee working for him. They want to see Parker “holding him to the standard his operations have been shown to deliver on over the past years.”

Parker Schnabel Gold Rush

Another fan thought it was a great idea, calling Dave a “get sh*t done kind of guy.” They believe Parker needs someone who knows how to run mines and Dave could be that guy in Alaska.

There are then those Gold Rush fans who want to see a brand-new show spin-off from this. One said they would be interested in seeing Parker’s new Alaska claim get its own show. “Seems like the process of setting up a new claim would have lots of good footage that people would like to see,” they wrote.

Do you want to see Dave Turin join Parker Schnabel’s crew on Gold Rush? Will their personalities clash? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Dave Should stay Away from Parker, he should StayWith what he is do now.
    Two Apla males , The Hellwith aSpin off show got more than we need,
    Stay the same way , do not meet with it. !!!!!!!

    1. I think it would be great if they do or don’t as long as Dave Turin stays on his show or Parker’s crew😀

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