Gabe Brown Gets Deep, Tells Fans ‘Be Free And Bravely Fly’

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Gabe Brown tells his fans to “be free and bravely fly” and this might be a note to himself as well as them. The cast of Alaskan Bush People is often the target of Internet trolls. However, when it comes to Gabe, the fans are a bit more personal. They blast him for his lifestyle choices and how he looks.

Here is a look at what Gabe told his fans and what he might mean with the statement.

Gabe Brown sends Alaskan Bush People fans a personal message

There have been many Alaskan Bush People fans who have relentlessly mocked Gabe Brown for how he looks. When the new season started, Gabe had retainers in his mouth as he had his teeth fixed. People online made fun of how he was talking with them in. This is added to the fact that countless fans believe there is something wrong with Gabe wearing eyeliner.

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The insults and commentary from judgmental fans seem to be wearing on the reality TV star. In a new post on Friday, Gabe opened up to his fans and went a little deep in his musings. This is no surprise for anyone who follows Gabe. He has always been one of the more creative of the Brown siblings, often sharing poetry and artwork, with cruel fans mocking him along the way.

Before he started his recent musings, he asked people who want to throw stones to understand this comes from memories of the past. That is when he started on his new post. Much of Gabe’s writing is his own form of free-flow poetry. The poem was a nice one about the winter and snow bringing memories of the past and a glimpse at the future.

The end of his poem was striking. ” I think of all the joyous times, and tears come to my eyes, now with children of my own, I see me in their smiles, winter is a magic time don’t let pass you by, live by grace my precious flakes, be free, and bravely fly, live your life, do what’s right, and I’ll see you in the sky.”

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Fans respond to Gabe’s poem

The top comment on his post was from an Alaskan Bush People fan who commented on Gabe Brown’s poetry style, which the star seemed very thankful for. Others called his word beautiful. They seemed equally touched by Gabe’s poem about remembering one’s past while moving into the future.

Sadly, there were the same trolls who wouldn’t stop commenting on how Gabe looked, with several male fans growing concerningly obsessed with how Gabe’s appearance. Thankfully, for every fan who judges others on how they look, there are others who appreciate people like Gabe. One fan wrote, “I think you look like a rock star.”

What are your thoughts on Gabe Brown’s poetry and other works of art that he shares on his Instagram page? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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