‘The View’: Sara Haines Comforts Panicked Joy Behar

Sara Haines & Joy Behar

Sara Haines comforted Joy Behar when she panicked. The moment took place during a live broadcast of The View. Joy shared a traumatic story with a guest during the episode. It was so bad for her that Sara tried to soothe her. Find out what happened and keep reading for more details.

Joy Behar & Anna Kendrick share their connection

On Tuesday’s episode of The View, Joy Behar shared that she shares something in common with guest Anna Kendrick. The actress talked about a time when she tried to escape an elevator with a group of people. Joy admitted that she also was once “stuck in an elevator.” The Hollywood star asked her for more details. Joy was distressed as she recalled the moment.

Joy Behar [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Sara Haines reached out to her and comforted her. She rubbed Joy on the shoulder as she said, “It’s okay, honey.” Sara Haines informed her that it was okay to speak about it. Anna asked Joy if that moment was traumatizing for her. Joy tried to recollect her thoughts as she shared how she felt at that moment.

“I was traumatized,” Joy explained. “I had a cell phone, what happened to you?”

Joy Behar & Anna Kendrick [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Anna shared her experience with the panel. They had to fetch a ladder to rescue her. The comedian joked that she “crawled out like Die Hard.” Joy admitted that she was by herself when it happened to her. She panicked because she thought she was going to end up stuck in the elevator. Last month, Joy explained the traumatizing event in greater detail.

“I got stuck in my elevator,” Joy shared at the time. “It felt like a half hour, and I was alone. Every time I pressed ‘lobby’ the thing would go to the lobby and the door wouldn’t open.”

That’s when Joy screamed, “Let me out!” She walked away from the experience distressed. The co-host didn’t share how she got out of the elevator. Recalling that event from her life left her feeling very upset.

Not getting along with Sara Haines?

This tender moment between Sara Haines and Joy Behar was nice to see. This comes after the two threw digs at each other in recent weeks. It seemed like Joy and Sara didn’t get along during those times.

However, it was pleasant for fans to see Sara Haines comfort Joy at that moment. This was a rare sweet side of the two panelists. It also put an end to the rumors that the two are in a feud. Fans weren’t sure what to think of their working relationship.

What are your thoughts on Sara Haines comforting Joy Behar? Did you like that moment between the two? Can you relate to Joy’s story? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. It’s time for Joy Behar to retire. She’s 80 years OLD! Time to give her opinionated self a rest. I enjoyed her in the past but lately difficult to like/watch her.

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