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‘The View’ Sara Haines Bumps Joy Behar, Makes Ana Nervous?

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Sara Haines bumped into Joy Behar and made co-host Ana Navarro nervous. This took place during a live broadcast of The View. Ana warned Sara not to do it again. The panel discussed their pet peeves, which brought tensions among the table. Keep on reading to learn more.

Ana Navarro’s stern warning to Sara Haines

On Friday’s episode of The View, Sara Haines bumped up against Joy Behar. She shared that she doesn’t like it when people bump into her — especially in a crowd. Ana Navarro warned her not to do the same thing. It all started when the show talked about their pet peeves.

Sara Haines was next to share hers. She hates it when she’s unable to get through traffic or a crowd of people. What makes it worse is when someone bumps into her in a crowd. She especially hates it when someone is in the way and doesn’t keep the traffic flowing.

Sara Haines & Ana Navarro [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
“You need to move to the side, you need to motion,” Sara Haines explained. “You need to realize there are two traffics going both ways. I can’t stand it!”

She got heated as she shared her frustrations. Sara asked her panel what she does next. She stood up at the table and walked over to Joy Behar. Sara bumped into Joy, who was surprised.

Joy Behar & Sara Haines [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
“I don’t like confrontation so I won’t say something to someone but if I see you walking right at me and you’re not looking I will purposefully bump into you and go, ‘Oh!'” Sara said as she demonstrated her move.

Joy was in shock by Sara’s sudden move. She then laughed with her co-hosts and the audience. Ana Navarro was the only one who wasn’t laughing. She warned Sara not to bump into Joy since “she’s fallen off chairs before.”

Joy Behar accidentally fell out of her chair during the live show

Back in March 2022, Joy Behar shocked fans when she fell out of her chair. She admitted that she “went flying” after the on-air mishap. Her co-hosts helped get her off the floor. Sara Haines noted how “high” the chairs are while Whoopi Goldberg shared: “These chairs movie!”

Sunny Hostin admitted that she’s fallen out of the chairs at one time or another. Joy joked that she will “sue.” Then she admitted that her husband is probably watching at home and laughing at her. Whoopi asked if she was okay after her fall. Joy shared that she “missed the step.”

It was nothing new for her. Later in the show, Joy talked about the seriousness of falls if one is not careful. What are your thoughts on Sara Haines bumping into Joy? Sound off below in the comment section.

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