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Fans Question If Meri Brown Will Leave Flagstaff After Split

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Sister Wives fans are starting to question if Meri Brown will leave Flagstaff since her split with Kody. Though they talked about parting ways on the tell-all, it was made official yesterday. So, how does this impact Meri’s living situation? Read on for more details.

Fans Question If Meri Brown Will Leave Flagstaff After Split

When Christine Brown announced that she was leaving Kody in early 2021, she also had other news. She shared that she was moving to Utah once school was out and her home was sold. As for Kody’s second wife, she owns nothing but an RV so she is fairly transient. Her youngest child, Savanah, will graduate high school in the spring so after that, Janelle is an empty nester. However, this split was not necessarily something Meri Brown wanted.

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It was more that she saw what Kody had been saying about their relationship that forced her to cut her losses. Since she only rents her home in Flagstaff, fans are wondering if she will actually stay there. They started a Reddit thread to address this. “And from Meri’s socials and photos posted, it looks like she is still in her Flagstaff home. Curious if she will move. I know she is somewhat close to Sol and Ari, but that would be weird to stay because of them,” the OP wondered.

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“This woman has endured so much humiliation, I do feel sorry for her. I have to hope (and my last hope for her was that she was engaged in the longest con in history — so my hopes are pretty much useless) that she is just holding her Flagstaff home until her lease ends,” one Redditor noted. Another added: “She’ll stick by, because to her there is always hope that Kody could come around and start courting her again. 🙄 He could fart in her direction and she’d be a giddy school girl.”

Will She Stay?

Meri Brown has no true need to stay as she owns her B&B in Parowan, Utah. Plus, she is always on the move with LuLaRoe. Therefore, she truly needs just an inexpensive place to rest her head not the lavish home she currently rents. If she does choose to exit, the production crew can easily set up a filming area for her. This is what they have done for Christine in her Utah basement so she no longer has to drive 8 hours to Flagstaff.

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Yet, the truth, as one Redditor noted, is that Meri Brown is hopelessly devoted to Kody. She mentioned, in the tell-all, that maybe she just is not right for him at this moment. Furthermore, she would be open to reconciliation but she knew he was not into that. They have released a joint statement publicly ending their marriage but how much water does that hold?

Do you think Meri Brown will ever leave Flagstaff or will she want to be close to Kody forever? Let us know in the comments below.

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