‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown & The Banana Resurfaces

Meri Brown- TLC

Fans of Sister Wives remember when Meri Brown was involved in a catfish scandal that rocked her world. It was shocking to fans to see this happen on television too. Meri felt as if she wasn’t getting the attention from Kody Brown that she deserved. This is what led her to reach out to a fan that had DMed her on social media. What Meri Brown thought was a man ended up being a woman and destroyed her marriage.

The Catfishing Scandal

Meri Brown thought that she had met a man named Sam Cooper. They had a 6-month affair with phone calls, texts, and direct messages. The photos that Meri had of him were pretty much photos of half of his face. Just when everyone else would have taken this as a red flag, Meri Brown didn’t care. After months of talking, she discovered that Sam was really a woman named Jackie Overton.

Meri Brown- TLC

It turned out that Overton was a professional online scammer. She made this fake profile to get in good with Meri Brown. She wanted to get anything and everything she could out of her. Jackie, playing Sam, would openly flirt with meri on Twitter. That turned into them DMing one another and one thing led to another. This online affair turned into an emotional affair for Meri Brown.

Meri Brown-TLC

After fans watched this all happen, of course, they wanted to know if this was one of the main reasons for her split with Kody. Meri Brown tried harder every day to repair their marriage, but Kody wasn’t returning the favor. Kody felt their marriage had been over for years and was very open about it. Meri’s fans have attacked her for years over trying to reconcile. They pushed her to leave him years ago, but never saw her budge. With fans happy that she is no longer with Kody, more information has resurfaced.

The Banana Photo Sealed The Deal

Recently, on Reddit, a group of Sister Wives fans started a conversation about Meri and the catfish. Of course, the picture of her eating a banana came up quickly. These fans talked about how she is never going to live that down. One fan wrote, “I want to die with secondhand embarrassment for her every time I see that photo. Give her credit, I’d probably have retreated into a cave for the next 20 years rather than continuing on in the public eye.” The thread shared the photo then other fans posted memes of washing their eyes out with bleach!

The banana photo got a lot of laughs, but Meri isn’t laughing about it. Fans will continue to share it and get a kick out of it. We hope Meri Brown can move past it at this point.

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