‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Is Meghan Jealous of Vannessa’s Success?

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The new season of 1000-Lb Best Friends is here and fans were ready to see the four women on their weight loss journey. They are all on a path of their own, but it looks like Meghan Crumpler has lost the least. By watching the show, some fans think that Meghan is very jealous of her friend, Vannessa Cross. Vannessa has been following her diet and is ready for her weigh-in. Meghan, on the other hand, is terrified to go see Dr. Procter because she hasn’t been following her diet or exercise regimen. On top of that, Meghan is also planning her wedding.

Meghan Crumpler’s Weight Loss Journey

In the last season of the show, Meghan was struggling with her weight loss.  She is determined to lose weight, but she has slowed down a lot. Her best friends have continued to drop the pounds while Meghan Crumpler seems to gain weight. She is unsure of what she is doing wrong, but it looks like she does have a lot on her shoulders. She is in the middle of planning her wedding now and the stress is getting to her. In one clip for the new season, Meghan Crumpler tells the cameras, “My life just feels like it’s in a million pieces right now. I’m kind of spiraling out of control.” Has she hit a wall in her weight loss?

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During the new season of the show, Meghan Crumpler will see her doctor and they will have some strong words for one another. Dr. Procter’s job is to help her so that she can qualify for weight loss surgery. Now that she has backtracked on her weight loss, she is nervous about seeing him. He has a tough-love approach and she knows that he will let her have it! Meghan Crumpler has become terrified of the scale and she knows that Dr. Procter will lay down the law this time with her.

Fans Praise Vannessa’s Weight Loss

Vannessa has struggled with her weight over the years. She knows that if she can’t keep her weight down her life is in danger. Fans have enjoyed watching her on the show because of her personality. She isn’t afraid to have fun and sometimes her friends get embarrassed by her. Fans, however, have fallen in love with her and are rooting for her. That being said, some fans think Meghan Crumpler could be a little bit jealous of her. Vannessa has lost a lot of weight and is pushing herself in ways she never thought. Meghan, on the other hand, has really hit a wall.

Meghan Crumpler-Instagram
Meghan Crumpler- Instagram

From a fan’s standpoint, it does look as if these friends could all be jealous of Vannessa. One tweeted, “Why are they hating on Vanness when they f****d up their own weight loss journey?” Another added, “I think this is Meghan’s karma for how she was playing with Vannessa last season and looking down on her.” Fans can continue to watch Meghan and Vannessa on 1000-Lb Best Friends.

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