‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Vannessa’s Weight Creates Embarrassment

1000-Lb Best Friends from TLC

On 1000-Lb Best Friends, fans watch four best friends commit to healthier lifestyle changes and get on the path to a better life. However, it’s not easy for everyone. All bodies are different and the journey is proving to be more difficult for Vannessa Cross. A recent incident at a water park really embarrassed the TLC star and ended in tears.

Keep reading to find out more about what happened.

The 1000-Lb Best Friends star has a humiliating encounter while out with friends

Everyone deserves to have a fun time when out in public with their friends. 1000-Lb Best Friends stars Vannessa, Meghan, Tina, and Ashely decided to go to the water park for a great time. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go according to plan.

Vannessa managed to impress fans when she decided she wanted to be more active. She eagerly chose to climb flights of stairs to the top of a water slide. However, Vannessa exceeded the weight limit for the water slide and wasn’t allowed to go down. To make matters worse, she was the only member of the girl gang that was too heavy for the slide.

Vannessa Cross/TLC

The TLC star had to go back down the stairs alone in humiliation. Fans really felt for her during this scene.

“I feel like a complete failure. Why did I even come today, why did I put myself out here?” she said through tears, noting that it was one of the most embarrassing situations in “the world.”

While this does seem like a big setback, fans hope Vannessa remembers that she just began making meaningful changes to her life. Progress doesn’t happen overnight and Vannessa will just have to keep going if she wants to see real results. They also hope the 1000-Lb Best Friends star won’t give up, even after this negative experience.

Vannessa isn’t the only member of her family who struggles with weight-related complications

When Vannessa visited Dr. Proctor’s office in a recent episode of 1000-Lb Best Friends, she got a very alarming wake-up call. During the visit, she opted to bring her oldest son, Jacob, with her. Jacob is pre-diabetic and also struggles with weight-related issues. Unfortunately, during the visit, they learned that Jacob actually weighs more than his mother.

In the episode, Vannessa admitted that her grandfather and mother both died in their early 50s due to weight-related complications. Now that she’s in her mid-40s, she’s worried she will meet the same fate. She also felt sad to learn that her son was following in her footsteps and really wanted to make the right changes for his benefit too.

After all these combined incidents, fans hope that Vannessa can turn things around before it’s too late.

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