‘Love Island UK’ Adam Collard Wants Wife & Kids?

Adam Collard Snaps Selfie [Adam Collard | Instagram]

Love Island UK alum Adam Collard says he wants a wife and kids. He’s getting serious about his life after he appeared twice on the dating show and was accused of being a philandering playboy. He broke up with Paige Thorne after she accused him of flirting with other women behind her back. Read on to see what he has to say about his reputation.

Love Island UK alum gets serious about finding love

In a new interview with The U.S. Sun, Adam Collard shared his shocking revelation about his future. He admits that he wants to find love despite dating around. He first appeared on the ITV show in 2008. Adam returned in 2022 where he met Paige. He’s tired of all the talk about his philandering ways.

Adam admitted that he loves romance. He also claimed that most of his relationships have fallen apart. However, he didn’t admit it was due to infidelity. Adam just feels that things didn’t “work out” as they should. Despite his dating history, Adam is hopeful that he will find the right woman to marry.

Adam Collard Shows Off His Rock-Hard Body [Adam Collard | Instagram]
[Adam Collard | Instagram]
“I am dating again now. Do you know what, as much as I have been a little bit ruthless in the past with relationships and yes, I’ve ended things when it has started to not work out, I am actually a bit of a hopeless romantic,” Adam Collard told The U.S. Sun. “I do think there is someone for every person and I want to go and do all the things I like to do with someone else.”

He confirmed that he wants “a wife and kids as much as the next person.” He also shared what led to his split with Paige. Adam admits that it was “a little bit my fault.” The reason why he didn’t speak out about it is that he wanted to “process” their relationship.

Adam Collard talks about Paige Thorne split

Adam explained that their break-up didn’t happen suddenly. The couple met up before they decided what to do next. It took place when Adam traveled to Bali with his friends. At the time, he was spotted partying with multiple women.

“So I ended up splitting on the second or third day of when I was in Bali,” Adam Collard continued. “I think we both knew then that we were on the same page and we knew what was coming.”

Adam Collard Snaps Selfie In Towel [Adam Collard | Instagram]
[Adam Collard | Instagram]
He teased that he’s returning to Love Island UK for a third time. The fitness fanatic joked that he has to “get two dog sitters” first. Adam would like to get to know Megan Barton-Hanson if she returned as a bombshell. She appeared on the show late in the season back in 2018.

Adam calls Megan “the female equivalent” of him. He has a feeling that’s why they want him back in the villa. What are your thoughts? Do you think Adam Collard wants a wife and kids? Sound off below in the comment section.

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