‘Love Island’ Paige BANNED From Talking To This Islander

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Love Island UK had a heated season this summer. Despite the season ending weeks ago now, the islanders are still revealing secrets that viewers didn’t know. This time, Paige is talking about an islander she fancied but wasn’t allowed to pull for a chat.

Love Island Paige gets real

Recently, Paige was on the Saving Grace podcast where she spoke about her experience on Love Island this summer. Paige came in fifth with Love Island alum, Adam Collard. However, she and Adam have since broken up.

Her time on the show was certainly an interesting one as she started out with Jacques. However, when the girls left to be a part of Casa Amor things went downhill quickly for the couple. While Paige was away, Jacques began to play. After betraying Paige, he sent himself home and gave Paige the chance to get to know Adam.

However, according to The Sun, Paige had someone totally different in mind that she wanted to get to know. Apparently, Jay was just her type of guy. However, sadly for Paige, she was banned from chatting with Jay as he got to know the eventual winner of the season, Ekin Su.

“When Jay came in, I thought he was my type to a T,” Paige says. “Then I wasn’t allowed to speak to him, we were kept apart.”

Paige thinks there should be a warning

Because of the major influence the show had on who Paige was allowed to get to know, she thinks they should probably put a warning on the show.

“You know how some shows have a warning like, ‘This show has been enhanced for your entertainment, it should probably come with that warning to be honest,” she reveals.

Apparently, Paige didn’t only have issues with who she was allowed to speak to, but how she was portrayed on the show. She thinks the show painted her to be a “mean girl.”

“At first I was portrayed to be this really sweet, innocent pitiful Paige – she’s heartbroken and going to get her feelings hurt,” she reveals

“Then towards the end I was portrayed as this mean girl that just didn’t care – I’m not one of the other. I’m in the middle.”

Love Island | Youtube
Love Island | Youtube

It seems that life outside the villa may be even harder than the emotional turmoil inside the villa!

Did you like Paige on Love Island? Would she and Jay have been a good match? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite islanders!

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