‘Love Island UK’ Adam Collard Sets Record Straight

Adam Collard

Love Island UK alum Adam Collard set the record straight. He’s laying it out there amid the rumors that he split from Paige Thorne. Adam was accused of cheating on her with other women. He met Paige when he returned to the dating show for the second time this past summer.

Now, rumors are swirling that he will return for another time. However, fans want him gone from the show. They don’t understand why Adam looks for love when he clearly likes to play the field. Read on to learn more and to see what he has to say about the rumors.

Adam Collard [One Live | YouTube]
[One Live | YouTube]

Is Adam Collard returning to Love Island UK?

The Love Island UK alum shared his thoughts on returning to the IV2 program. He said he would “consider” the idea of returning to the show for the third time. Fans still don’t understand why he returned to the villa for the second time. Adam played the field with most of the girls but coupled up with Paige Thorne.

The two developed a relationship outside of the villa. Unfortunately, their relationship fell apart this month. After a brief meeting in London, the two were on the outs. Adam was accused of cheating on Paige with other women.

Adam Collard [This Morning | YouTube]
[This Morning | YouTube]
He first joined Love Island UK in 2018. He feels that producers wouldn’t bring him on for “a third time” because he’s become known for “being too soppy.” However, Adam would consider another run. Only because he “didn’t cause drama” this past season.

In his exclusive interview with The Sun Online, Adam said he’s not in touch with his Love Island UK castmates.

Denies cheating on Paige Thorne

Adam also denied the rumors that he cheated on the dark-haired beauty. Love Island UK fans have the proof. A viral of Adam with another woman went viral on Twitter. He insists that only Paige knows what happened.

“No, I think she knows the truth about all of that, and to be honest, I’m not bothered about anyone’s opinion only hers,” Adam told The Sun. “I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for her. She’s great, so as long as she knows all of that.”

Paige Thorne [Saving Grace | YouTube]
[Saving Grace | YouTube]

Love Island UK alum saw more “cheating” videos

Adam’s interview came after Paige revealed that there are more “cheating” videos of him on social media. Love Island UK fans were the ones who saw them and sent them to her. Earlier this month, there was one clip of Adam getting closer to a mystery woman in the nightclub. Paige shared on the Saving Grace podcast that “there’s a lot more to the story.”

She claimed that he’s been with numerous people. Sometimes it would happen on the “same night, in different locations.” What are your thoughts on Adam returning to Love Island UK for another season? Do you think he should? Sound off below in the comment section.

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