Netflix Gives Fans What They Want: ‘Wednesday’ Renewed!

Jenna Ortega YouTube Wednesday

Wednesday Season 1 dropped into the Netflix library on November 23, 2022, and subscribers wasted no time binging through all eight episodes and asking for immediate renewal. Would Netflix grant their wish or would they break the hearts of their subscribers and cancel this beloved series?

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Netflix broke many hearts as subscribers were adamant about wanting Julie And The Phantoms renewed for Season 2 and the streaming giant axed the show with no real conclusion for fans.

Fortunately, Netflix has decided not to break fans’ hearts again. Wednesday has been renewed for another season. Has any information been released about Season 2? What did Netflix say about the renewal exactly? Keep reading for the details.

Jenna Ortega YouTube Wednesday

Netflix Gives Fans What They Want: Wednesday Renewed!

Netflix took to social media on Friday afternoon to announce big news: Wednesday has been renewed for Season 2. The streaming giant exclaimed: “Wednesday has been officially renewed for Season 2!”

The streaming giant did attach a short clip to the announcement. Now, before you get too excited, the clip wasn’t any kind of preview or teaser for a new season. The clip simply contained some of the more exciting clips from Season 1 as well as some dialogue from Season 1 that was twisted a bit in a way that made it work well for a renewal confirmation.

In the clip, Wednesday noted that “over the past few weeks” she had been “hunted, haunted, and mimicked millions of times across the internet.” The last part referencing the viral trend across multiple social media platforms of people reenacting Wednesday’s iconic dance. She proceeded to thank everyone for hyping her up so much before admitting “Honestly, I wish I cared a little more” in true Wednesday form.

Netflix Wednesday YouTube

On Twitter alone, the clip has been watched over 1.5M times and the tweet has been viewed 8.5M times in eight hours and subscribers react excitedly to news of a renewal. As TvShowsAce has previously reported, Wednesday has shattered all sorts of records since its release on the streaming service. Many agree the series may even rival Stranger Things. Considering Stranger Things is currently filming its final season, it would be the perfect time for Netflix to snag a new series to take over the spot of most popular series.

Check out the clip and the official announcement in the tweet down below:

In the comments, the streaming giant did receive a bit of backlash for the decision to cancel Warrior Nun after just two seasons.

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