Did Robyn Brown’s Children Attend Logan’s Wedding?

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Fans of TLC’S Sister Wives were very excited to learn that Logan Brown had wed his beautiful wife, Michelle Petty in a fabulous ceremony. His mother, Janelle Brown was quick to share photos of the glorious event a few months ago. Recently, Redditors have started to ask some questions about the wedding. Some of them are concerned if there were other Brown children in attendance. More specifically, they wanted to know if Robyn Brown’s children attended the wedding.

Logan and Michelle Celebrate Their Big Day

Back in October 2022, Michelle and Logan wed in a fabulous ceremony. They aren’t very active on social media and they haven’t appeared on Sister Wives in many years. They wanted to focus on their education and careers and reality television wasn’t part of their plan. However, Michelle has been seen on Mykelti Padron and Aspyn Brown’s Instagram accounts. They both attended her bachelorette party and it appears that they are very close to Michelle and Logan.

Fans wanted to learn more about Michelle and it does seem as if she likes to stay private in her life. This could be yet another reason that they do not appear on Sister Wives. They have social media accounts, but they do not post very often or share a lot of personal details. Even though they are private, it looks as if they spend time with members of the Brown family pretty often and can be seen on Janelle’s Instagram account when they go to visit her. This is why it wasn’t surprising to see many members of the family at the wedding.

Logan Brown and Michelle Petty from Instagram

This beautiful wedding was unlike many of the other Brown weddings. It was not filmed for the show, but there are plenty of photos that were shared by family members. The couple wed in Arizona and according to Janelle, “It was such a beautiful day.” Even though fans saw many Brown family members there, The real question was if any of Robyn’s children attended.

Did Robyn’s Kids Show Support?

One of the topics of conversation on Reddit recently was all about Logan’s wedding. Redditors were curious if Robyn or her children attended the wedding.  One of the main topics of the Reddit thread was all about the boundaries that some of the Browns have set for themselves.

One fan wrote, “I doubt any of them were. Ari doesn’t seem to have any boundaries and would probably crash the wedding, and Sol seems timid and just uncomfortably shy.”

Ari and Sol - YouTube/TLC
Ari and Sol – YouTube/TLC

Another fan chimed in to point out that they did spot Dayton in the background of one of the wedding photos. A second fan chimed in to agree that Dayton was in the background of a photo of Christine dancing. Other fans pointed out that they believed they saw Aurora and Breanna sitting near Robyn and Kody during the ceremony.

Fans, however, were in agreement it was unlikely Sol or Ari was at the wedding. Some fans jokingly pointed out that the youngest two probably called in sick.

Janelle Brown- Instagram
Janelle Brown-Instagram

More and more Redditors began to chime in about the family members at the wedding. One added that there weren’t a lot of pictures from the wedding, but they did see Kody and Robyn there together. Some even remarked that Kody looked like “Pennywise” in his suit!

Fans are very happy about Logan and Michelle beginning their lives together and they will continue to look for more photos from the wedding.

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