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Marilee Fiebig Speaks Out, TJ Holmes Gets Cocky?

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Marilee Fiebig broke her silence on her divorce from TJ Holmes. The Good Morning America co-anchor filed last week. It took place around the same time he was kissing his co-host Amy Robach in Miami. Marilee slammed TJ for his lack of “discretion” when it came to his alleged affair.

He’s feeling a little confident these days. TJ thinks he’ll get to keep his job amid the ongoing scandal. ABC launched an internal review into the situation last month. They will not reach a conclusion for a few more weeks. See what both parties have to say in this divorce.

TJ Holmes [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

Marilee Fiebig speaks out for the first time

TJ Holmes’ estranged wife Marilee Fiebig spoke out for the first time. She shared her thoughts on their divorce and his alleged affair. In late November, news broke that he was in a six-month romance with his GMA3 co-host Amy Robach. The two were seen going on dates in NYC and on romantic getaways.

Through her lawyer Stephanie Lehman, Marilee called out TJ Holmes’ “lack of discretion, respect, and sensitivity” to their marriage and their nine-year-old daughter Sabine. On Wednesday, January 4, the immigration lawyer shared her thoughts on the incident that shook up their marriage.

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
“During the holiday season and in light of the challenging times, Marilee’s sole focus has remained on the overall best interest of her nine-year-old daughter,” Stephanie shared in a statement with “To that end, T.J.’s lawyer and I have been working together to move their divorce forward privately, expeditiously, and as amicably as possible.”

Marilee wants to move forward with this divorce as quickly as possible. She doesn’t want to drag it out in court. What’s also important to note is that she’s not happy with TJ Holmes’ recent behavior. The former spouses will move forward with divorce out of the public eye.

TJ Holmes feels confident about his GMA3 gig

Meanwhile, TJ Holmes continues to display his cockiness in the media. He is reportedly “confident he will keep his job.” An insider shared an update on how TJ is feeling during this time. He knows he did nothing wrong and that he will not lose his job.

“Of course, he’s taking [the review] seriously, but he’s confident he’s done nothing wrong that would merit him to lose his job,” the insider told Page Six.

Another source told the outlet that ABC is being “super careful” about making the right decision. They want to make sure the internal review is complete and no more details about the television personality come out. TJ Holmes has been allegedly involved with multiple staffers on the show, including a producer.

TJ Holmes [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
In the meantime, people are frustrated with ABC News President Kim Godwin. They want her to make a prompt decision. People feel it’s only right for ABC to make an announcement about what’s going to happen with Amy and TJ. It’s been a month since they’ve been off the show.

What are your thoughts? Do you think TJ Holmes is too confident about keeping his job? Do you think he will return? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. No I don’t think either of them deserve to keep their jobs at this point. Companies have POLICIES regarding dating employees and clearly this was not the case for both of them in many ways. I firmly believe they used the Network’s dime for their romance and its a slap in the face to the network. And look at how they are both acting in the public eye with all the pictures and the their kids got to look at that everyday. You want a divorce then don’t try to string your Husband and wife along during the seperation. Amy didn’t move out of the home until this went public. Its fine you fell in love that’s great but to slam the network for a investigation is not right. Major companies have policies and I’m sure they are in the wrong. And it looks like to me that TJ has used the network and his power for his dating pool exactly how many people did he sleep with while married with people at work, this is not his first offense. Should of laid low while this investigation was ongoing but his confidence is not a good look. I would not take either of them back. Get them on Policy and get them off the air period end. Everybody is replaceable, everybody even you TJ!

  2. Bring these two consenting adults back to television your ratings were never that high and it wasn’t their relationship why people watched your show !!!!
    I will not watch the show anymore if this is how ABC handles this!!!!

    1. I agree….their fans miss them. They haven’t broken any company rules. How can they be fired and replaced? Because some goody two shoes so called “friend” are so embarrassed and it just ruins the Leave it to Beaver atmosphere. Wake up dumbs dumbs! The naysayers should be replaced as they act like they have Golden Angel wings and have never made a mistake or followed their hearts desire. They need to be reinstated immediately.

  3. Nethier are role models….There should be consequences for bad behavior…..If nothing else…they should turn in their good parent card

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